A Guide to Getting a Loft Conversion in Surrey


  • Create more living space

A loft conversion is probably the easiest and least expensive way to create more living space within your property. The basic infrastructure is already in place, therefore there’s generally little need for major structural alterations or extension builds.

A loft is traditionally a home for all the stuff you’ll probably never want to use ever again! It could be said that, in most instances, the loft is a total waste of space.

So why not check out your own attic? How much of the clutter do you actually need? How much of it can be binned or relocated? Be ruthless, and then envisage the potential for developing this now blank canvas of space.

OK, the area may only be big enough to accommodate a train set or a few kegs of brewing beer; that for many is still an attractive alternative.

However, most lofts are quite spacious and ideally suited for conversion into a useful spare living room or bedroom.

With careful planning and the necessary expertise your loft could soon be recrafted into a veritable work of functional art!

  • At what cost?

The cost of conversion will of course depend upon the extent of work necessary to meet your demands. Needless to say it’ll be a few grand cheaper than having an extension built.

Therefore the first step is to contact a local builder who specialises in loft conversions. He or she will have an eye for what’s possible and will no doubt offer sound advice as to alternatives.

Following discussion you’ll receive a ball park figure as to likely costs. That figure, on average, is usually in the region of £25K. But don’t take my word for it!

  • How to find a competent loft conversion company in Surrey

You may know someone in the neighbourhood who has previously employed a company to convert their loft in Surrey. The recommendation of a happy customer is a very good, reassuring first step in the selection process. Perhaps you could see the conversion for yourself? Don’t be afraid to ask how much it cost!

You may be so impressed that you don’t feel the need to contact any other company, however it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion and quote.

With no personal recommendations available then you’d be advised to check out online. There are plenty of accomplished craftsmen in Surrey just waiting for your instructions.

Find one with a proven track record, a business that’s been around for a number of years. Also, check out the website, does it display examples of their work and a list of testimonials from satisfied customers?

Contact the company, tell them your requirements and seek guidance. Are their staff knowledgeable and helpful? A simple telephone call or email will usually set your mind at ease.

  • Do I require planning permission etc.?

I cannot say for certain, however most loft conversions either don’t require planning permission or meet little resistance from the planning authorities.

Seek assurance from your local planning office before going ahead. Your experienced builder will no doubt have all the answers in respect of compliance with local regulations.

There shouldn’t be too many red-tape obstacles, but always ensure you comply fully with the rules.

  • In conclusion

A loft conversion will create extra, relatively inexpensive, living space in your property. What’s more a good conversion could add value to your home!

Employ a professional loft conversion company, one that offers high quality workmanship and a good back-up service.

Check out the possibilities for your loft space!