Adding a Basement to Your New Home

Adding a Basement to Your New HomeThe most difficult place in your home to clean after a flood, and the most vulnerable to flooding, is the basement.

You will have many choices to make when building a new home.

This means that you can expect to spend lots of time examining options and making choices while your home is being built. Including a basement in your home plan is a great idea. You will have so many alternatives when it comes to flooring, light fixtures, cabinets, etc. that it can almost be overwhelming. Adding a basement is a sound idea, especially if your neighbors have one as it will help protect the value of your home down the line. Although many people just use their basement for storage, having one make a difference when it comes to determining the sales price for your home. Others who wish to finish the basement for extra living space will not think about purchasing a home without one.

Important Considerations Basements can add significant room to your home, as well as provide a cool oasis in hot climates. You will also want to ensure that you have proper drainage for both basements and crawl spaces. Crawl spaces can usually be built for less than a full basement, especially if your lot is full of rocks. The presence of solid rock may make it impossible to install a basement in some locations. You will definitely not be happy with just a crawl space if you are the type of person who would like to use a basement for storage or as a work or living space.

Treating Your Basement Basements are great locations for the wiring, plumbing pipes, furnace, and water heater for your home. Some of the advantages of slab foundations include a reduction in the probability of gas and water leaks and steps which are lower to the ground making them easier for seniors and others to climb. Some of the challenges of slab foundations include the difficulty in repairing cracks which could cause major long term problems. Slabs can get cracked for a variety of reasons including tree limbs and shifting soil. Insects are also more of a problem for those with slab foundations.

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