Adding a Toilet to Your Basement

Adding a Toilet to Your BasementOften people choose to make their basements an extension of the rest of their home.
Often people choose to make their basements an extension of the rest of their home. Basements can make great bedrooms, home offices or family rooms. No matter what type of room you create it the basement, they are always more practical if you also install a basement toilet.

Planning Your Basement Toilet Many people over the years have chosen to use their basement as additional storage space. These days it is often used as a place of recreation or entertainment, making a basement toilet more practical. You need to consider plumbing, drainage, and sewage issues when planning for a basement toilet. You also want to ensure that your basement toilet does not add to the bad odors that are typically associated with basements.

Installing Your Basement Toilet While most people will choose to hire either a contractor or a plumber to install their basement toilet it can also be done by a handy do-it-yourselfer. Since there are many complications that can result from the installation of your basement toilet it is recommended that you seek professional assistance from someone with enough experience to ward off potential problems.

Basement Toilet Costs The costs for setting up your new basement toilet will include all the necessary materials such as drainage, pipes, pumps, sealants, concrete, and tiles. You also have labor charges if you choose to hire a professional. You can find toilets in a variety of prices depending on your personal requirements. You may also have to make additional renovations to your basement in order to install your toilet, further raising your costs.

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