Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating

Advantages of Radiant Floor HeatingRadiant floor heating continues to be the most popular form of central heating throughout Europe, and has more than two thousand years of history dating back to the ancient Romans. North America and other parts of the world are just beginning to embrace radiant floor heating.

Radiant floor heating begins with the floor and evenly distributes heat throughout the room. This is different than forced air systems where much of the heated air quickly rises to the ceiling. Radiant floor heating systems are also more energy efficient and quiet than traditional forced air heating systems. Radiant floor heating systems also help to reduce dust and germs that are often spread throughout your home with forced air systems. You can install radiant floor heating systems under just about any time of finished floor surface.

You can also create heat zones for different areas of your home to better match your lifestyle. The workings of radiant floor heating systems are all installed within the homes structure, so you no longer need to worry about registers and vents when decorating. You can also use radiant floor heating systems to heat your driveway and prevent ice and snow build up, a feature that will surely add value to your home. You will enjoy the nice even and reliable heat from a radiant floor heating system no matter what the temperature outdoors.

What Makes Radiant Heating more Energy Efficient? Convection, conduction, and radiation are the three modes of energy transfer. Convection refers to heat flow through air while conduction refers to heat flow through matter. Radiation (or radiant heating) is the transmission of electromagnetic rays through space. These rays are emitted by objects until they are either absorbed or deflected. Think about how your body naturally absorbs the warm of the sun as you step from shade to sunlight. Even with constant air temperature you will feel warmer. Radiant heating systems work the same way in your home, allowing you to feel warmer while saving up to 50% on your energy costs.

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