Basement Window

Basement WindowMany people purchase window well covers to eliminate the safety hazard for those who walk around in the areas around your window well. Window well covers ensure that unnecessary materials do not enter your window well. These easy to install features are great for preventing children or pets from accidentally falling into the window well. They also help protect your home by eliminating access to your basement from the outside.

There are many purposes of window well covers including: cleanliness and the reduction of weeds, keeping water from overflowing gutters from entering your window well, protecting your basement windows and keeping them clean, helping to protect your window well from flooding. Window well covers also keep your pets and children away from danger and protect your windows in the event of a storm. It keeps water, leaves, and other debris out of your window well while still allowing natural light to enter.

Quality window well covers will have the following features: A lifetime warranty Be unbreakable Braced with rust free aluminum Have optional security locks available All spring steel clips which snap off

You really need window well covers if you want to protect your family. While window well covers do so much more than this, this function alone is enough to justify installing them. Window wells are built to last and provide excellent protection for your home. You want to purchase plastic window well covers that are designed specifically for that purpose. Window well covers also help you keep your basement free of moisture by preventing water from building up around your basement windows and leaking in. You may also need to install a proper drainage system which includes a pump to further protect your home from water damage.

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