Basement Window Wells

Basement Window WellsPeople looking to improve their basements often go searching for the right window well. Window wells are bolted to the wall during a basement remodel and serve to keep dirt away from your basement windows. Having clear basement windows gives you natural light and air in your basement as well as provides an emergency escape route.

Benefits of Window Wells One major benefit of window well is that they keep the area around your basement window clean and clear of weeds. The life of your window frame is also extended as it keeps rain and water away from your windows. It also allows you to have natural light in what might be an otherwise dark basement. Window wells also help to keep wind from gushing up against the window and bringing cold biting air inside. Unless a window well is installed flawlessly you can not warranty it against flooding.

Window Well Installation You will most certainly get water seeping in from around your basement windows if they are not protected by a window well. Most window wells have a gravel bottom to allow for proper drainage and are constructed from either metal of masonry material. You can also purchase plastic covers for your window well that still let in light but keep out moisture. Basements are particularly vulnerable to the effects of moisture and condensation. You can reduce the effects of moisture by quickly fixing any plumbing problems, venting a basement dryer directly to the outdoors, and opening windows during nice weather. You may also need to install a dehumidifier to keep the area clear of mildew and mold.

Basement window well installation begins when the area around the window is cleared of dirt and washed gravel is installed for drainage. Water along the exterior of the basement is piped away in a drain. Interior water may also need to be piped away with the help of a sump pump.

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