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How to pick a good bathroom design

Bathroom DesignsYou don’t have to be a interior designer to create a clever bathroom ideas, all it takes is a little bit of inspiration. The first place that I would start is by looking at images of bathrooms on Google. I would then compose a file which contains all the images of the bathrooms you like, these are know as reference images. Collect images of contemporary, traditional and modern bathroom designs. Once you have your reference images I would create a floor pan, it does not have to be drawn by an architect it just needs to convey the measurements and space you have in your bathroom.

With this you can then look at your Floor Plan Options, test out all of your ideas, see which floor plan works the best in your given space. See which way is the best to fit your bath, shower, toilet or sink in, this will give you a good idea of what you can fit in your bathroom.

How good bathroom designs can increase market value of properties

After the kitchen the bathroom is next room that once renovated will increase the value of a property, not only does it add value but it speaks volumes about the owner of the house. No body likes going to a dirty bathroom so why would you enjoy visiting a house with one?

So what bathroom design options do you have?

There is traditional or period as some people call it, these type of bathroom designs are often based upon a certain time period, Edwardian for example. Bathrooms designed in this style tend to have a lot of wood, mainly oak or a mahogany and marble it is a very luxurious bathroom. If done well this bathroom design can look extremely beautiful, click this link to see some traditional bathroom designs. As you can see the decor is very prestigious and creates quite a regal ambiance, this style of bathroom design is better suited to large bathrooms but it is possible to create the same feel in a smaller space.

Another option is contemporary or modern, this bathroom design tends to incorporate a lot of metals, especially chrome as it has such wonderful reflective qualities. Contemporary bathrooms create the illusion of having a lot of space, in what could be considered as a small bathroom. The incorporation of light colors and reflective spaces helps create a light and spacious feel to the room. Here are a few examples contemporary bathroom designs. As you can see another feature of the contemporary style is the minimalist approach to the decor, having small features that do not encroach on the over all space of the room. What tends to be the case when creating a contemporary bathroom is that the you use very straight lines, each feature is lined up geometrically with the next. This does seem are first very obsessive compulsive, but studies have shown that the human mind feels calm if the room there in is clean (void of irregularity) and organized, it generates feelings of safety and structure.

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Now back to the subject at hand, I raised the question of would you like to visit a home with a dirty bathroom, well from personal experience a dirty bathroom has put myself of many of a homes, even ones that I was potentially going to buy. My reasoning behind this is that if they owners have not taken the time to look after the bathroom, why would they have taken good care of the rest of the house. It seems fairly logical now doesn’t it?

Out of the two bathroom designs I prefer the contemporary design, my thinking behind this it that it is much easier to keep clean as it is more about beautiful function rather than the elegant form of the traditional bathroom design. As one of the many business people out there working hard to earn a living, I like to spend my time when I’m not earning living so a low maintenance bathroom suits me down to the ground. This is just my personal preference, I have great admiration and some what envy of those who mange to have a traditional bathroom design and find time to keep it clean do everything else.

A bathroom is a very personal thing, it does say things about the type of person you are, clean, dirty, posh, affluent or even sensual, so what I am really trying to say that you need to really give it some thought as to what bathroom designs suit your personality. One other issue I have not covered yet, is are you going to be doing the work yourself, DIY style. If you are not I recommend that you get a contractor in to do the work, also if you have the money and really want to push the boat out you could consult a interior designer, then you can be a little bit more extravagant and experimental, because you have a professional to consult and do not have the headache of having to figure out how your going to achieve your vision. If you are planning on undertaking the task yourself, I would keep it as simple as possible but that being said simple does not mean it will be ugly. Some times simplicity can be be the most elegant thing, so just a few nice tiles, a good sink and bath something you can do yourself.

So no matter the budget you can there are many bathroom designs that you can choose from. From full on renovations to just a few new tiles that are well grouted, there many bathroom designs to suit your personality.

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