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Have You Heard Of The Pegasus Bathroom Vanity?

Pegasus Bathroom Vanity

The Pegasus bathroom vanity is one of the most renowned types of bath vanities. Pegasus is a very popular manufacturer of vanities and its notoriety is only matched by the quality of its products. As a matter of fact, there’s a big chance that you have already seen some of the products manufactured by this company even without realizing it.

Pegasus is very thorough in its approach to manufacturing bathroom vanities and accessories. Vanity cabinets, faucets, vanity sets, everything is covered. Anyone who is looking for high quality furniture can choose Pegasus very confidently. The traditional or the country style vanities are especially sought for, and people buy them because they are very beautiful.

The prices of Pegasus vanities are fair, considering their quality. For example, your average Pegasus bathroom vanity will cost you about $450. Medium sized at 36 inches, this vanity is brilliantly designed. The 2 door cabinet offers enough storage space, and the knobs are made from chrome. The espresso finished, the hinges that are in euro style are also touches of elegance that are remarkably well integrated in a Pegasus bathroom vanity.

When you buy a Pegasus bathroom vanity, there is a very big chance that you will not have to redecorate your bathroom for a very long time. You will get so accustomed to its sheer elegance that you will not be able to picture any other vanity instead of the Pegasus. This vanity will surely be a pleasant sight in your bathroom for years to come after you decide to purchase it.


The Bamboo Bathroom Vanity – Something Different For Your Bath

Bamboo Bathroom Vanity

If you want a certain way to improve the look of your bath, incorporating a bamboo bathroom vanity is a sure way to do it. This item will take the center stage of your bathroom and this is the reason why it is in such a great demand when it comes to home improvement and redecorating. Bamboo vanities make themselves remarkable by their sheer variety in finishing and design.

The most important features of your average bathroom vanity are the sink, the top and the cabinet. Some bamboo vanities incorporate glass vessel sinks, while others have bronze platinum sinks. The tops on the other hand usually are made of black glass, marble or even limestone.

Another important thing worth mentioning is the fact that bamboo vanities come with corner shelves. As for the cabinets, they are usually available in widths of 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inch. Some of these vanities also incorporate mirrors.

The most obvious bathroom themes that are suitable for bamboo vanities include tropical and island. You should also decorate with tropical bathroom accessories, in order for everything to combine perfectly.

You should also think about the functionality, and make sure that the bamboo vanity that you are purchasing has enough storage space for your bathroom items. The two most important aspects that need consideration when purchasing a vanity is look and functionality, and this is also the case with the bamboo vanity. In the end, it is surely a matter of personal taste, but make sure that the newly acquired vanity doesn’t conflict with the rest of your bathroom furniture and accessories.

So, if you want something special and different, a bamboo bathroom vanity is definitely a very good choice. It will bring a pleasant exotic feeling of warmth, and will set your bathroom décor apart from everything else.


Mahogany Bathroom Vanity

Mahogany Bathroom Vanity

There is almost nothing that can equal the sheer elegance and amazing style of a mahogany bathroom vanity. This is the choice of people who don’t have the budget as an issue, and like style and elegance. But what makes the mahogany vanity so special?

Well, to be perfectly honest, any furniture item made from mahogany will be equally stylish and valuable. The advantages of this type of wood are so many that it is a no brainer. The only downside to mahogany items is the price, which is a little bit on the steep side. But hey, great quality comes with a great price, doesn’t it? Let me now tell you some of the most important advantages of purchasing a bathroom vanity made from mahogany.

First of all, this type of wood is a tough essence. A tropical tree, mahogany has very intense texture and color. The color ranges in the reddish spectrum, going from various types of reds to brown.

Given the fact that this is a tough essence, it will last you for a long time, probably for a lifetime. It goes well with any room, and this concept also applies to the bath. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain and clean.

Finally, a very important aspect that makes mahogany go so well with the bathroom is the fact that it can resist humidity. This is especially important in the bathroom, which is constantly being filled with moisture.

Although a mahogany vanity sink cabinet comes with a pretty high price tag, it is worth every penny, especially if you can afford it. In terms of price/quality ration, mahogany is one of the best options for your bathroom vanity.


Cherry Bathroom Vanity

Cherry Bathroom Vanity

So why would anyone choose a cherry bathroom vanity in order to decorate their bath? Well, there are a few advantages to the cherry wood that will be explained in this article. We are also going to talk about a very important “don’t” when it comes to owning a bathroom vanity made out of cherry wood.

Now let’s talk about the advantages. First of all, the aspect. Cherry wood has a very smooth texture and a reddish color. This makes it great for an elegant environment and fits extremely well with other elegant pieces of furniture you might have in your bathroom.

Moreover, the reddish color of the cherry wood becomes even more beautiful as time passes by. This is because it becomes darker and more elegant consequently.

Now, as long as we are talking about the time value of the cherry bathroom vanity, you need to know that it will resist humidity very well. This is especially important in the bathroom, where there can be a lot of steam and moisture.

Now, as for some of the disadvantages (well there’s only one which is important, really), you need to know that cherry wood is a tough material, which can break if you put a nail in it. This is why you need to avoid doing this at all cost.

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Now, if you plan to buy a cherry bathroom vanity, you need to consider your budget and the space you have at your disposal. As all the other vanities, the most important sizes go from 18 in increments of 6 like this: 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66 and 72 inch bathroom vanities. The large sizes are usually double sink bathroom vanities and you should only consider them if you have plenty of space at your disposal in your bathroom.

You need to look for shops (either online or offline) and see if you can find some vanities at a discount price or maybe if you can find a clearance sale. You can even choose a ready to assemble vanity. Whatever you choose, a cherry bathroom vanity will make a great addition to your bath furniture.


Oak Bathroom Vanity

Oak Bathroom Vanity

Oak is one of the most popular materials used in home decorating. This is also the reason why buying an oak bathroom vanity is what most people do the first thing when buying furniture for the bath.

But what makes this material so successful and why is it so widely used? Let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using oak for your bathroom vanity and the types of vanities you may want to consider.

First of all, oak is a high quality precious type of wood. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most imitated varieties of wood, alongside with cherry and walnut. This is also the reason why you need to thoroughly examine a vanity before purchasing it, because you want to make sure that it is made from genuine oak in its entirety. You don’t want the legs or the frame of the vanity to be made from oak only.

Now, as for the next advantage you need to know that an oak vanity is very easy to install. And maintain. You can easily paint it. Also, it can efficiently hide the fact that it has dust or deformities on it.

An oak bathroom sink vanity can go with almost any style of bathroom: modern, Victorian, royal, rustic or anything else, there is really no style that oak can’t match. Now, if you already decided that you want a bathroom vanity made from oak, you need to consider the space you have at your disposal in the bathroom.

If you have plenty of space, you may want to go with a 60, 66 or 72 inch double sink vanity. However, if you are short on space, you should consider all the other standard sizes, that start from 18 and go in increments of 6, like this: 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 and 54 inch vanity cabinets.

You can try the online shops which all have a great variety of oak vanities, or you can try the offline stores, because maybe you can find a clearance. Either way, good luck with your oak bathroom vanity!


Black Bathroom Vanity

Black Bathroom Vanity

For people who think about purchasing a black bathroom vanity, the main concern is the fact that it may not integrate well with the rest of the items in the bathroom. However, the truth is that black is a color that is elegant and goes well with anything else, so there’s really nothing to worry about. Well, almost.

You can opt in either for a bathroom vanity which is completely black, or for a vanity that has a white granite or marble counter top. Before you actually buy an item, make sure that you browse through the many sites that offer bathroom vanities and carefully study the pictures they offer. Imagine that item in your own bath and try to visualize if it can fit in.

When deciding on the size, you will have many options at your disposal. Starting with 24, 30 and 36 inches, all the way to 42, 48, 54, 60, 70 and even 72 inch wide, there is an abundance of both single sink and double sink black vanities. The cabinet has to match with the sink and the top, but also individually they need to go well with the rest of the items in your bathroom. The color of your cabinets, sinks and tops is equally important, don’t make the mistake of believing otherwise.

A porcelain sink, a cabinet made out of strong wood like oak or cherry and brass faucets make up a very stylish vanity. Either you want it all black or just the cabinet, the elegance will still be present. This feeling of elegance can also be enhanced with some carefully placed lights, which will bring real value to the décor. Also, if you find yourself in space trouble, you can choose for either a corner or a wall mounted black bathroom vanity. Whatever you choose, you are bound to make your friends and visitors jealous with this very elegant and chic piece of furniture.


White Bathroom Vanity

White Bathroom Vanity

So what is the most important reason for choosing a white bathroom vanity? Personal style, of course. There are many people who prefer this color. However, it is advisable that you purchase a white colored bathroom vanity only if it fits into the overall feel of your bathroom.

The items in your bath should be carefully balanced and brought together in order to form a very unique and pleasant feeling. The most common of all white bathroom vanities is the antique model, which comes in various sizes, from 24, 30, 36, 48 and 50 inch in width to large sizes such as 53, 60, 70 and even 72 inches. You can opt for a single or double sink vanity, but it is advisable that you go for the latter only if you have enough space in your bath.

A stylish version is the antique white vanity which has beautifully hand carved details and ornaments on the front door. Bear in mind that this can go for up to $1000 but also for much more than that. The corners and legs of this vanity will have interesting and complex details and the finish is classic, made out of wood. The preferred materials are either oak or cherry, and the tops are usually made of granite or marble. It is preferable that you choose a vanity with white countertop also, instead of black. But in the end this is just a matter of personal preference.

If you choose to opt for a complete white bath vanity set, then you will most likely also purchase brass faucets and plumbing accessories. The sink will be made out of white porcelain, or at least this is how it is advisable.

Either it’s Victorian style or a modern style, a plain white vanity always brings a touch of elegance. The cabinet base and frame can be made out of birch, and the same goes for the legs. This is an item for people who know exactly what they want from their bathroom, so don’t buy it if you don’t know what you are doing. White is a pretty demanding color, both in terms of cleaning and in terms of integration with the other items in your bathroom.


Choose Modernism With A Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

For those of you who are not very good at home related technical stuff, you should know that a contemporary bathroom vanity can also be called a modern bathroom vanity, and these two concepts basically refer to the same item. A contemporary bathroom vanity is very well suited for people who like modernism and want to keep up with the latest home decorating related trends.

One of the most important reasons for which people decide to purchase a contemporary bathroom vanity is the fact that they want to upgrade their bathrooms and give it a more modern feel. And when it comes to modern vanities, possibilities are practically endless. Their style is unmistakable and if you want to give your bathroom a well deserved facelift, this is the way to go. However, there are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration, like your vanity’s position, the sink, the mirror, the cabinet and the top. They all play a major role in the final overall aspect of your bathroom.

And when it comes to style, well, you will simply be amazed by the elegance and uniqueness of these vanities and accessories that come with it. For instance, there is a high probability that the mirror will be frameless and your cabinets very clean looking. The cabinets are also usually frameless, and they have their hinges hidden from the view but very easy to adjust on the other hand.

Before you actually go out and buy a new vanity, it is better if you check out the different styles, shapes, sizes and price tags they come in. It is likely that you will be amazed by their variety that’s why you need to carefully think about what you are going for. There are many online shops that are usually cheaper than standard offline shops and which will provide you with a great variety of vanities.

The main feature that makes contemporary bathroom vanities unique and stylish is the clean lines. The materials in which they come are also varied, and include the classic wood, stainless steel, metal, acrylic, and even glass. If you want an interesting design, you can go for the vessel sink, which is very popular nowadays, where the bowl of the sink is actually placed on the top of the vanity.

Finally, one of the most important things that you can do is to personalize your modern bathroom vanity as much as you can. A porcelain bowl in a glass vanity will look absolutely fantastic for instance, but you may choose whatever fits you of course. Ultimately, you will definitely feel good about your new bathroom vanity, since it is a good investment for the future.


Why Should You Go For An Antique Bathroom Vanity?

Antique Bathroom Vanity

Contrary to what many people think, there are persons who actually prefer an antique bathroom vanity over a modern one. This item is for people who love the feeling of the old days and their calm and romantic atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, the demand for the antique style bathroom vanity has been growing in the past few years. Hence, a big number of companies started producing antique vanity sets and they sell very well.

However, there are some important things that need consideration before actually proceeding with the buying and installation. First of all, you need to think about the plumbing. This problem will give you headaches if you don’t plan everything in advance. You may be inclined to actually buy a very old vanity, but you should think twice before doing so. A new vanity (a reproduction, in other words) that has an antique look is just as efficient as an actual old vanity. This still impressive piece of furniture can also be a lot cheaper and many online stores have it on sale. As a side effect, it will give you the great advantage of not having to reintegrate old furnishings into a house that is newer.

Antique bathroom cabinets and sinks were designed in a different way in the old days. Those who are manufactured today are more durable than the old versions yet they still preserve that magic feeling you are looking for, while keeping you away from all the troubles that old items can bring along with them.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the features. Your average antique vanity is made out of durable wood, like oak. A very classy touch can be given by a granite or marble countertop, either black or white. The sink is usually made out of porcelain, while the faucets are made out of brass. You should consider buying a complete antique vanity set, because this way you will also be able to get some unique looking mirrors that complete the style. The cabinet frame and its legs can also be made out of birch, which is a solid wood.

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If you want to customize it even more, you can buy a vanity that is hand painted and which will introduce you to the atmosphere even more. Bronze finish is not unusual either. When it comes to the dimensions, the 48 inch antique vanity with a 49 inch countertop is one of the most popular, because it is big enough to accommodate 6 drawers, 3 on each side, thus giving you some storage space. This is the best way in which you can combine beautiful design with functionality.


Why Is The Craftsman Style Bathroom Vanity So Popular?

Craftsman Style Bathroom Vanity

There is really no mystery to the popularity of the craftsman style bathroom vanity. As a matter of fact, all you need to do in order to realize that is take one look at it. This is not an average bathroom vanity, this will provide your room with a unique and stylish look.

The guests in your home will be surprised by the look and feel of this fantastic piece of furniture. The cabinet and the sink are equally attractive and make the vanity an irresistible item overall. Most of all, the prices on different online shops are affordable, while the luxury these vanities offer is invaluable.

Add Visual Appeal to Your Bathroom with the Sink Cabinet Featuring classic Arts and Crafts styling, the attractive Craftsman sink cabinet is carefully handcrafted of oak veneer and is available in your choice of rich finishes. With its solid construction, roomy interior and elegant design, this sink cabinet is sure to add warmth and relaxed style to any bathroom. Choose one and find the vanity that suits your home best. Each vanity features a beautiful 3/4″-thick hand-polished black granite top and ivory porcelain sink.Takes a standard 8″ three-hole faucet set. Top off your sink cabinet with a brand-name premium faucet. Nothing says style and dependability like our selection of affordable bath fixtures. Enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping to find the perfect bath vanity and faucet combination. Shop all widespread bath faucets.

Last but not least, bring lasting Style to Your Bathroom with the Sink Cabinet. Open the 2 stylish doors of the Craftsman Sink Cabinet to find a spacious interior that’s perfect for your bath products. Bring the classic look of the Arts and Crafts style into your home with this sink vanity.Cabinet has 1 adjustable shelf. Features a beautiful 3/4”-thick hand-polished black granite top and ivory porcelain sink. Takes a standard 8” three-hole faucet set. Top off your sink cabinet with a brand-name premium faucet. Nothing says style and dependability like a good selection of affordable bath fixtures. Enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping to find the perfect bath vanity and faucet combination. Shop all widespread bath faucets.


The Mission Style Bathroom Vanity – A Good Choice For A Traditional Look

Mission Style Bathroom Vanity

The great popularity of the mission style bathroom vanity sink may come as a great surprise to you, but not for the experts in the field. This somewhat classic looking vanity is still one of the Americans’ top choices.

So who is this vanity for? To put it simply, it is for people who want to get a feeling of going back to their roots. Since this conception is very popular nowadays in an era of speed and technology, so are these vanities. It can come in different color, shapes and sizes, white, black, single and double sink, etc.

The most important advantages of this vanity are the fact that it induces a very relaxing feeling and the fact that it is very easy to clean and maintain. If this is what you are going for, all you need to do is buy a mission style bathroom vanity from one of the trusted online shops at affordable prices.


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Get a Royal Feel With A Queen Anne Bathroom Vanity

Queen Anne Bathroom Vanity

The Queen Anne Bathroom vanity is a classic piece of furniture that will be the center piece of a very elegant bathroom. Your friends and guests will look at it in admiration as this is one piece of furniture that is sure to make an impression.

There are many varieties of Queen Anne vanities, and we are going to present the most important of them. What you need to remember is that you need to fit it perfectly in your bathroom environment in order for it to make the strongest impact.

For starters, there is the chestnut Queen Anne bath vanity. It usually comes with white cast stone top and with a classic drop in sink. It can also have an edge biscuit cast stone top or a black stone top. You can never go wrong with black, as it matches every other color. If you prefer an undermount sink, there is really no problem in find a vanity that has one.

The ruby Queen Anne vanity is darker in color. The classic vanity comes with a white stone top and a drop in sink. However, there are other varieties also, like the biscuit cast stone top, the black top and the undermount sink.

If you want even more style and elegance, you can choose the mahogany bathroom vanity. This one is not for people who are on a budget, as it is indeed an expensive item. However, you can also find vanities made out of oak, cherry and all the other types of wood. One thing is certain: these are high quality vanities.

The prices for the bath vanities are usually around $1000. They can be a little less expensive, but they can go way up to $3000 at the same time. Still, the price may very well be worth it for those who can afford it. After all, this incredible vanity will make your bathroom very stylish, and will represent a symbol of class.

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