Create A Fantastic Atmosphere With Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom Vanity Lights

There are basically three types of bathroom vanity lights. Firstly, there are the general lights. They have the role of illuminating everything in the room. Secondly, there are the task lights, which have the role of illuminating a specific place. A good example of this are the lights used for shaving or reading. Thirdly and finally, there are the accent lights. They have an exclusive aesthetical purpose, lighting up specific accessories or artistic pieces, a painting, etc.

Now going into even more specifics, you must now that there are two important types of fixtures when it comes to vanity lights: incandescent and fluorescent lights. The former are rather small but bright. They have a special quality in that they can generate height and are thus being used for mount lighting. They are unique. The latter is a colder type of lighting, which doesn’t generate too much heat. This is also why it may appear to be sharp and therefore you really need to know what you are doing when placing this kind of lighting in the bathroom.

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A general piece of advice that you can follow is this: no matter what they style of your bathroom vanity lighting is, you should always take care and assurance that the light is evenly distributed throughout the bathroom and that it casts no shadows whatsoever. Of course, during daytime, you can make perfect use of the natural lighting, and save some electricity money in the process. This principle especially applies to bathroom vanities that have at least an outside wall with a window, even if it is small. The sunlight has a white-bluish nuance. If you know how to strategically place a few mirrors in your bathroom, you can make sure that the sunlight spreads in the entire room.

  1. When you make up the plan for you bathroom vanity lighting, you should always consider certain aspects, and they are: Light colors and soft lights will make your bathroom appear larger. If that what you are going for, this is the perfect solution;
  2. When deciding upon the lights in your bathroom, it is recommended that you choose colors which are very similar to the ones you already have in the room, or you may cause a clash of colors, even if they are complimentary;
  3. If you have a bathroom that has particularly low ceilings, you should always use flat light colors;
  4. Try to avoid glare as much as possible, especially at the level of the eyes. You can achieve this by covering the light bulbs with different types of coverings or shades;
  5. If your bathroom has high ceilings, you can achieve the best bathroom vanity lighting possible by using suspended light fixtures. They have the quality of adding depth to your bathroom.

If you need a somewhat unique effect, you can use different types of light fixtures until you reach that effect. For instance, if you use a small and light bathroom vanity light fixture, you will be able to cast small and sharp shadows. If you need diffused lighting, you need to accompany this with large sources of light. Depending on the feeling that you are going for, you can use different light themes. For instance, soft lights will produce a calming effect. In contrast, if you opt for bright lights, they will stimulate your senses and invigorate you. If you choose dim lights, they may get you somewhat depressed. Light colors will make you feel restless, as opposed to warm lights which will make you feel more peaceful and cheerful. As a general rule of the thumb, you need to remember this: you can get the best out of your bathroom vanity lighting if you use a combination of ambient lights and task lights, while avoiding shadow areas!

If you want to achieve every mood you want, you can install a switch which controls the brightness of the lights, from dim to bright. Actually, this switch is a very popular feature nowadays in all homes. For even a greater versatility, you should be able to control the lights independently from each other. This is actually what makes up very good and well thought bathroom vanity lighting décor.


Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Lights

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom vanity light fixtures come in a variety of placements and styles. They manage to enhance any bath vanity with the feeling of warmth and beauty they provide. Now let’s talk about the different types of vanity lights when it comes to the number of bulbs.

First of all, you have the bathroom vanity bar with 2 light bulbs. If you prefer halogen lights, they will provide with an enhanced attention for detail, as they emit a very bright light which lasts for a long time. This usually means a very efficient way of energy usage which will minimize waste.

The other most popular types of lighting fixtures when it comes to the number of bulbs are the 3 bulbs, 4 bulbs and 5 bulbs bathroom vanity lights. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what are the most important things to consider when choosing the number of light bulbs?

Well, the first obvious one is your personal preference. You may have a preference over either an odd or even number of bulbs for the vanity bar. Also, another thing which must be considered is the size of your vanity.

If, for instance, you own a 60 inch double sink bathroom vanity or even a bigger one, you can go with the 4 or 5 bathroom vanity light bar. However, for a small bathroom vanity, 2 bulbs will be more than enough.

Also, taking into consideration the shape of size of your mirror, you could opt for one option or another. You can place the lights on the mirror’s edges or even get one that has lighting fixtures already installed. Although it will obviously cost you more than just buying the vanity lights separately, it can save you from a lot of headaches.


Bathroom Vanity Lights Materials

Bathroom Vanity Lights Materials

Bathroom vanity lights offer a distinct feeling to a vanity, making your bath look gorgeous and elegant at the same time. Besides the aesthetic factor, they are also very useful, bringing in more functionality to your vanity mirror. Men will be able to shave themselves properly for instance, and I am sure you can find many other uses for the lighting from your bathroom vanity.

When it comes to materials, there are a few of them which are very popular and even exquisite: nickel, bronze and chrome. I will give a certain example from each category, in order for you to make an idea of what you need for your own home.


A perfect example of nickel bathroom vanity lights are the Rigby IV satin nickel vanity lights. They have 4 halogen bulbs, which offer them more longevity. Handcrafted from European glass, they will bring a touch of uniqueness to your vanity. You can install them in either an up or down position, and they also have an incandescent dimmer which will allow you to properly adjust the lights’ intensity. This beautiful satin nickel fixture is everything you can dream of in terms of elegance and grace.

Then, we have the bronze fixtures, among which maybe the most popular are the oil rubbed bronze lights. Such an example is the Murray Feiss wide bathroom fixture from the Canterbury Collection. These incandescent lights are made only with quality in mind. Very attractive to look at, you must use the tools that come with the light fixture in order to be able to install it. This will save you from a lot of frustration. The bulbs are down-oriented.

Now, lastly, we have the vanity lights with chrome finish, such as the Royce two-light vanity chrome, which have opal etched globes. The two 75 watt light bulbs are enough for the needs of an average bathroom vanity. The chrome plated finish makes this light fixture a great addition to any type of modern or contemporary bathroom vanity.


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