Creating a Custom Basement Bathroom

Creating a Custom Basement BathroomCustomization is in these days when it comes to home design. One of the hot new items is a basement bathroom. Many homes are choosing to add bathrooms to their basements, even though their construction tends to be both tedious and expensive.

Requirements for a Basement Bathroom Common features in a basement bathroom include a pedestal sink, ceramic toilet, and sealed shower. There is usually a vanity light of some sort installed above the sink. In order to have warm water for bathing you will also need a bathroom heater in your basement bathroom. Copper piping is usually used for the plumbing and GFI electrical outlets are required. Other common items found in a basement bathroom include a soap dish, shower curtain, towel hanger, and medicine cabinet.

Basement Bathroom Benefits A bathroom is a great way to utilize the empty space in your basement. It also gives you an extra bathroom for use by guest and family members alike. They do not take up too much space or require a lot of equipment. Basemen bathrooms can also significantly add to your homes value.

Points to Consider The lighting of your basement bathroom will be very important as basements typically do not have windows. Proper lighting and sufficient mirrors will help this small space appear larger. Adding cabinets for storage is a great way to make sure that your bathroom can be well equipped.

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