Creating Your Dream Basement

Creating Your Dream BasementBasements require the same type of high quality construction materials and techniques as the rest of your new home.

Basements require the same type of high quality construction materials and techniques as the rest of your new home. Homeowners can improve their basements themselves using a few quality construction techniques. You can check the quality of your new home by referring to a general checklist of quality basement construction. A basement waterproofing system will give you the best defense against problems cause by water and moisture.

Basement Insulation There are many advantages to using exterior insulation on your basement. You basement is protected from climate changes in both the air and the soil as the insulation protects the waterproofing membrane. There is also a reduction in the possibility of cracking since the insulation barrier protects the wall from thermally induced expansion and contraction. Insulation also helps to prevent condensation along the basement wall as the interior temperature and exterior temperature are more aligned.

Basement Drainage One of the best options to protect your basement is to install a perimeter footing drainage system to relieve hydrostatic pressure from surface water and the water table. While most would agree that an external system works best, many experts make the argument for both an internal and external system. When used together the internal system works by releasing gases from the soil and to back up the external system. A sump pump should be connected to the drainage system. To make drainage system maintenance simpler a clean out should also be installed.

Protection from the Water Table Pressure from the water table becomes a greater issue as basements become larger. For proper drainage you need at least a four inch layer of gravel evenly spread under the slab. To relieve the pressure from the center of the slab a pathway should be included. A trench which is six to eight inches deep and in the form of an X should be filled with gravel and connected to the drainage system. A sump pump drainage system can help relieve any pressure caused by a rising water table. To give the slab extra protection the top of the perimeter exterior drain tile should be below the surface of the interior slab.

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