Creative Uses for Your Basement

Creative Uses for Your BasementThe humble basement is one of the most underutilized rooms in a home. Often it turns in to a storage “black hole,” where items are placed, never to be seen/found again. The water heater, boiler, washer and dryer often occupy this space and they may the only accessible items in the basement. With more homeowners staying put instead of selling and “buying up,” utilizing the basement is a project worth taking on.

A man cave is a great use for a basement. Using soundproofing insulation on the walls and ceiling, “the game” can be watched without disturbing anyone upstairs. Whatever the man cave is used for such as poker games, watching movies or something else, having a private room is a perfect gift.

Of course crafters, quilters and sewers would like a sewing/craft/hobby room. The basement lends itself perfectly to this. Racks, cabinets, tables and boxes store fabrics and tools. The crafter can have his or her friends over for a group project, or give classes.

Teenagers need a place to play, and turning the basement into a recreation area provides both privacy and a safe place to hang out. Of course, the parents know where they are, so that is a great plus as well.

A family room is a popular choice for a basement. Large screen TV’s, cooking areas, sofas, beds and more make a quiet place for a family to relax. Some family rooms have showers, but most have a half bath which is a toilet and a sink.

Having a spare bedroom for guests/relatives/growing family cannot be understated. Guests will find the remodeled basement a quiet repose, and having a “room- to- myself” for growing teens is priceless. Allowing a teen to decorate the new space (within reason, of course) provides the empowerment to make important decisions that he or she will have to live with.

For those interesting in something entirely different, a basement can indeed be remodeled to become a survival shelter. The ceiling, walls and floor can be reinforced, the room can be remodeled with “survival- type” toilet, shower, cooking implements and more. Water and foodstuffs easily store on shelf racks, and a generator can be installed to provide needed power. This could make the difference for a family in a disaster.

The basement has as many uses as the homeowner’s imagination can muster. Planning carefully will save money on materials and tools. Now all you need to do is decide who gets the room.

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