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Generating decorating ideas, a step by step guide

Decorating IdeasSo you have decided you want to redecorate, but your struggling to generate decorating ideas. It is a difficult to come up with interesting patterns, fabrics and colors especially when you are wanting to start makeovers on any room in the house. So before you start phoning your local interior designer to come sort it for you, remember you can do this yourself. This simple step by step guide will help you from the research stage all the through to the final stage when you pick your final decorating ideas. We have all been there staring at Home Interior Design Pictures and seen Home Decorating Pictures from those makeover programs on the television. So lets start the planning stage of making your house beautiful.

Step 1: Research decorating ideas

When starting any creative project research is key, look at Home Exterior Design Pictures, Home Decorating Photos, Home Interior Design Pictures. You can also buy a magazine to help select which patterns would be best for your house. When it comes to decorating your home, it is a personal thing and the last thing you want to happen is after you have spent all that money, you see something better on the internet or in a magazines such as ELLE DECOR.

Step 2: Create a mood board

Collect all your favorite Home Decorating Pictures and Interior Design Photos, along with your pattern sample and fabric samples, put them all together on one board. What this allows you to do is see everything all in one go, at this stage you will start see which aspects of your favorite Interior Design Pictures working together. A mood board is some you should keep as you progress through this step by step guide as it is a good reference tool for you to use.

Step 3: Develop patterns for your home decorating ideas

This is the stage when you start put together the colors that work as well as the fabric patterns you would like. If you are decorating your kitchen I would recommend that you look at your tiles working with the color of paint you would like your walls. There are some colors that clash such as red and blue, they just do not work together and this could make you look very silly when you have bought all materials. Then you are about to start your redecorating and your other half says “this is never going to work”. So once you have found a few different colors and patterns you think will work make a note of them as you will need them for the next step.

Step 4: The dry run

This is where you go out a buy a few sample pots of paint and see if you can get a off cut of the tiles or fabric you want. Then in the room you are wanting to redecorate you all you do is test out the colors in small sections on the wall, put the tiles up against. The idea behind this is that it is easier for you visualize what it will look like when it is completed. It is at this stage you will be able to some decisions on what will look good and what will not. The try run is a testing phase so you can be experimental and not worry about to much as you have not spent a great deal of money and you have also on put paint on a small area of the wall. This means if your color combinations do not work you can easily cover them up, without much trouble.

Step 5: Decision time

So you’ve look at all the ELLE DECOR magazines you can take, concocted your own original interior decorating ideas. Checked out bedrooms, baths and any other furniture you may want to put in the room your thinking of redecorating. You’ve even had a dry run to help you visualize how the room might look when it is finished. I would take a few days to think about it, do not make any rash choices because you will have to live with these interior decorating ideas for quite some time. Get a few nights sleep on it and get the opinion of your friends and relatives then make your decision.

Step 6: Decorate

This is now the stage when you show off your interior decorating ideas and people will get to see the finished product, you’ve done all the prep and if you’ve done that well executing it should be nice and easy.

So their you have it, a simple step by step guide of how to generate interior decorating ideas from start to finish. The hardest part of any project that requires idea generation is to get started. By following this guide it will help you get a solid idea of what you want to accomplish as a end product, whether it is just tidying up a tired looking room or creating a master piece that is good enough to grace the pages of ELLE DECOR. If you are thinking of redecorating on a large scale our home addition loan article may be of some use to you. Feel free to let me know about any decorating ideas you have and I’ll give you my humble opinion.

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