Designing Your Dream Basement

Designing Your Dream BasementYou can convert your unfinished basement into your familys favorite space in the home.

You can convert your unfinished basement into your familys favorite space in the home. You can create a more inviting space by covering up pipes and ducts and walling off utilities. You could end up with a great looking room just by fixing up the walls, floors, and ceilings. You can also adjust the amount of light that enters the basement by installing new windows or window coverings.

Helpful Basement Design Tips Since most basements will not have much natural light you will need to be sure to add sufficient lighting for the room. You can either remove columns and posts or cover them with new walls. The room will look larger if you use horizontal design elements. You will want to use water resistant flooring materials as most basements tend to be damp. You should also consider adding in a heating system with a separate thermostat to keep the room pleasant in winter.

Using Color in your Basement To compensate for the darkness of your basement consider using bright colors on the walls and ceilings. Great colors include yellow, orange, green, and blue. Large pieces of furniture should be covered with bright colors as well. You can add style and texture to the room by using light colors for the floor coverings. The room will feel more inviting with nice art work which is hung slightly lower than you would hand pieces in the rest of your home.

The basement is the perfect place to look for that extra living space that you are craving. You should be able to easily and affordably decorate your basement. Your basement will be a cool oasis in the heat of the summer months as it is below ground. You will, however, need to install a separate heating system to keep it warm in the cold of winter.

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