Elegant Design Ideas for a Luxurious Boudoir

As far as a feminine bedroom environment goes, nothing quite reaches the same level as the boudoir style. Combine antique furniture, luxury fabrics and a liberal touch of womanhood, and you have a bedroom setting that celebrates all that you are as a lady. Whether you use this as a self-meditating retreat for you to embrace your femininity or you’re looking for a romantic sanctuary in which to entertain male (or female) guests, there are certain elements that you need to form a complete boudoir interior.

Furniture Choices

Since they are the main components in the room, you’ll need to think carefully about the beds, tables and sofas that you purchase. After all, you’ll want to complement the overall classical design through furnishings that suit your needs perfectly. To do this properly, you’ll need to go shopping for a certain style. In particular, you should focus on Victorian or French furniture so that your boudoir is as feminine as possible. You should also think about the following considerations so that your bedroom has the precise look you’re aiming for:

• Look for a chaise lounge or settee with a tufted back
• Lacquered finishes match leather or suede upholstery
• Baroque chairs and a highboy dresser are a good match

Luxurious Boudoir

Of course, these are just some of the examples that you can use when shopping for your new boudoir. To gain more inspiration, have a look through some suitable furniture catalogues and websites.

Windows & Walls

Now, it’ll be time to decorate the windows and walls in your bedroom setting. Here, velvet, silk and cashmere will make for great materials to cover your windows. Since you’re aiming for a certain look in your home, you’ll need to shop from a well-known store such as Homes Direct 365 which specialises in French furniture, lighting and other accessories. Shops like this should be able to supply you with the right window decorations, some of which are listed below.

Valance toppers
• Drapery panels with tiebacks
• Fabric shades with lace inner panels


As for the wall, you have several options available. Textured wallpaper will give you the feminine look you are aiming for. Alternatively, faux texture paint will also do the same job. Regardless of which option you choose, you should always opt for dark reds, purples or blacks to give your boudoir a more sensual feel.

Tips to Accessorise

Lastly, you’ll need to add some finishing touches to the room to complete the womanly feel that you’re aiming for. These additional items are absolutely essential as they’ll combine to give you the elegance, luxury and style that all boudoirs are known for. When shopping for bedroom furniture, you should look out for the following objects. Once you’ve ordered these items, you’ll then be ready to enjoy your new traditional, feminine bedroom environment.

• Gilded mirrors
• Crystal chandeliers
• Candle holders
• Fabric table lamps
• Animal print rugs
• Jewellery displays
• Ornamental vases


Of course, this list is far from exhaustive as this is an entire genre of interior decoration we are discussing. This means that you’ll need to get some further idea of what your options are. While we’ve given you some examples of the boudoir accessories that you require, you owe it to yourself to browse over some bedroom catalogues to further stimulate your creativity. Just be patient though and you should find the perfect items to complement your feminine bedroom setting in just the right manner. Obtaining the perfect boudoir environment is not too difficult to achieve, as long as you shop at the right stores and take the time to find furniture and accessories that match your needs perfectly.


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