Exterior French Drains

Exterior French DrainsAn exterior french drain is one of the best methods to preventing water from entering your basement and giving you a waterproof basement. This is in contrast with an interior french drain which doesn’t prevent water from entering your basement, but rather focuses on removing the water once it has already entered. While an exterior french drain is one of the most effective methods at keeping your basement dry, it is also one of the most expensive. A professional exterior french drain installation can cost anywhere from just shy of $10,000 to close to $15,000.


  • Prevents water from ever entering the basement.
  • Waterproofs walls from the outside


  • Exterior landscape has to be dug out completely around the house
  • Expensive cost to do the job correctly

Installation Tips

If you’d like to understand what it takes to install an exterior french drain, read more here and decide if this is a job that is right for you or for a professional. If however, you would like to consult with a professional and want an idea of what to expect in terms of costs to install an exterior french drain, please read more here.

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