Furnishing Your Outdoor Living Space: Furniture Buying Tips

In one of my blog posts, I’ve talked about installing energy efficient garden buildings  to create cosy outdoor living spaces that are environmentally friendly. In this article, I am going to tackle how you can go about decorating your al fresco room or patio, more specifically, on selecting the right kind of furniture. Read on for some smart-savvy tips.

Outdoor Living Space

Visualise your outdoor living space

Before hitting the nearest home depot, think first how you would want your al fresco room to function or to look like. Will it be an extra room for entertaining friends or hosting cocktail parties? Or, will it be more like a relaxation nook in the garden? Or, perhaps you would like it to become a dining area for those warm summer nights? Having a clear idea in mind will help you determine what furnishings are necessary.

For instance, if you’ll only use your outdoor room for hosting occasional intimate parties, there’ll be no need for dining tables but comfortable chaise, several coffee tables and a cosy fireplace.

Choose low-maintenance pieces

Remind yourself why you’re creating an outdoor room – to have a place for relaxation. That said, opt for furniture pieces that won’t consume your precious leisure time for cleaning them. Look to furnishings made of forgiving materials like rattan. Not only are they low-maintenance, but rattan outdoor furniture sets are also weatherproof, mould-resistant and will look beautiful for years.

Quality before beauty

Quite frankly, when it comes to outdoor furnishings, you do get what you pay for. Say, you buy chairs and tables made with plastic resin. As stylish as they may look now, they end up losing their vibrant colours and become brittle due to constant exposure to the elements. As for wooden pieces, moisture and rain tend to make them vulnerable to mould infestation and damage. While quality typically comes with a heavier price tag, it’s more practical than having to shell out money again after a year to replace damaged inferior-quality furniture.

Pay attention to comfort

The reason for this is pretty obvious. Again, you’re trying to create a room where you can unwind and do the things you love without distractions. So, for your al fresco room to be as welcoming and cosy as your home interiors, you’d need comfortable furniture in it. Honestly, the worst thing you could do is sacrifice comfort for style. To avoid having regrets later, see how snug a lounge or a daybed is by trying them out in the showroom. Aside from this, make you take measurements of your outdoor room, so you’ll know whether a particular sofa set you like will not look awkward in the area or will allow enough room for traffic.

Colour play

There’s no need to be conservative with the colour scheme for your patio. With the wide variety of stylish and quality furniture available in bright colours and lovely pastels, your furnishings can serve as decorative pieces on their own. But, if you want to keep things minimal yet en vogue, you can go for dark-coloured or neutral pieces, and accessorise them with cushions in bold splashes of colour or complement them with several DIY backyard décor.

Consider dual-purpose pieces

Aside from selecting durable tables and chairs, try to look for pieces that can serve more than one purpose. A good example for this is an ottoman that serves as extra seating for when you’re entertaining guests, while also providing storage space for your magazines, craft supplies, etc. A stand-alone bench that can be adjustable into a dining table is another excellent bet. With such furniture, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

You can also use some of these tips for selecting furniture for indoor rooms. Enjoy picking your furnishings and decorating your outdoor living space. Cheers!

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