Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor CoatingEvery garage has its ups and downs. Some of them look great, others look like the owner doesn’t care about them. A garage can be one of the places in your home that is seen the most. That’s because if you work or clean up your garage the doors are open and anyone who passes by can see it. First thing that anyone notices is if your garage has garage floor coating. The concrete can very easily get dirty and it can be very hard to clean. So if you want your garage to look spotless and gorgeous, then you should get garage floor coating.

Every good garage coating consists of 2 types of coats: a base coat and a top coat. The base coat is very important, because it must sustain a good bond. First of all, it is very important to apply the primer. Then you should wait until it has completely dried. When you’re done with that, you can apply the base coating. after which you can put the flakes into the base, even if the base is still wet.

There are 2 ways in which you can install the flakes: You can do it softly and easily, to show the base color better or if you want a longer durability you have to install them properly. The flakes that are loose should be cleaned up. Use a metal scraper to be sure that nothing remains uneven. Then clean up the floor again. And the final part, you just have to apply the top coat and you’re done. Make sure you leave the floor to dry for at least 48 hours before you or someone else walk in the garage. You should wait for five days before you store any vehicle into it.

Also a big advantage in having garage floor coating is that you can add aggregates that prevent you from slipping. The aggregates can do that because they have increased traction. They also can be bought in many sizes. You must be careful when you buy them to be proper for the climate you live in. Also other things can be added to the floor, which can give it a better look.

So if you want your neighbors to envy you, you need to get yourself garage floor coating as it will improve the look of your garage, but not only that. It will help you clean the garage much easier and will reduce the risk of accidents.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

There are various types of garage floor coatings. A very popular one is the epoxy garage floor coating, and it has some advantages but also disadvantages.

First of all, you have to find out if your concrete is suitable for epoxy. For example, if your concrete was damaged by oil or water, if it is too smooth and so on, you want to be sure it might not interfere with your epoxy garage floor coating project. You can choose from 2 types of epoxy coatings, but first find out which one is more suitable for you. The water based epoxy is very thin. It is easier to install and isn’t very expensive. It also keeps the floor being less slippery. As for the thicker epoxy solvent, it can protect the concrete way better and can hide everything that is uneven very well. But the bad part is that the thicker solvent will have a slippery look and the water based epoxy will look like ordinary paint.

The next question you will ask yourself is if you should prime the floor. Well, it doesn’t matter which one of those two epoxy types you chose. In both cases you should prime the floor. You should know that preparing the floor before you apply or install anything is the most important thing. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to know how well you prepared your floor only after you’re done and something goes wrong. But the idea is to try as hard as you can to prepare, clean and get all uneven spots out of the concrete, as best as you can.

If you have moisture in your garage, you should get rid of it before starting the epoxy garage floor covering project. The easiest way to do it is to buy some products that aren’t very expensive and are sure to work. The worst thing moisture can do to your epoxy coating is that it doesn’t let the epoxy bond with the concrete. Another bad thing it can do is to destroy your paint. So it is very important to be careful and make sure you don’t have moisture. After you prepared your workspace you can now add a primer and then an epoxy coat or if needed, two coatings. Various materials can be added to the coating, such as flakes to color it or aggregates to make the floor less slippery. In conclusion, installing the epoxy coating isn’t the hard part. What you must be more careful at is preparing your workspace. So be sure you do it right so you don’t have to do it again!

What Is The Quikrete Garage Floor Coating?

Quikrete is a company which is an expert in concrete. They have a very good line of products that make a good job of protecting and decorating your concrete, and this is also the case of the Quikrete garage floor coating.

With this company, each product is esspecially designed for a type of concrete. The concrete in your garage, driveway or basement are all good examples. Quikrete recommends the following products that you can use for your garage floor: Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, Premium Clear Epoxy Coating, 1-Part Epoxy: Garage Floor Sealer, Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating, Etching Stain, Garage Floor Sealer, Etching Stain High Gloss Sealer, High Gloss Sealer, Bond Lok Concrete Cleaner, Oil Stain Remover. The best product you can use for a floor coating is Epoxy Garage Floor Coating.

The most important thing before you install the Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is to check your concrete for things like: cracks or uneven spots can be bad for the coating. So if you find out that something is wrong you should repair it first. Damage in the concrete isn’t only bad for your coating, the worst part is that it can easily extend. Quikrete has a wide area of products that can help you solve this problems without a lot of efforts. You can solve a problem like a crack in 3 easy steps: First you have to clean the crack and make sure there is no dirt left. Then, you apply the material from Quikrete. The final step is the easiest one, you just have to wait until it dries out completely.

Now you can prepare the coating. Using the kit from Quikrete and more importantly the instructions, you can start the project. After a few hours you should be done with the Epoxy Garage Floor Coating. All that is left to do now is wait. No one should go into the garage for at least 24 to 48 hours. Doing that might harm the coating. As for your vehicle it is strongly recommended that you park it somewhere else, not in the garage for at least 4 days so the coating can dry completely.

So if you get a garage floor coating with the help from Quikrete you will have a spotless garage. Not only that, but everyone will give you compliments on it. You will have no problems in cleaning it either.

A Few Words About Rustoleum Garage Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum is a big company that was founded in 1921 by Robert Fergusson and was producing all kinds of protective coatings for floors. Nowadays Rust-Oleum is owned by RPM international and is a worldwide known company for their paint and coating products, including the Rustoleum garage floor coating. The products from Rust-Oleum come in all kinds of colors and brands you need. You can choose between the following colors: red, orange, green, blue, brown, white, grey, black, purple. The brands also come in a big variety: American Accents, Aqua, Auto, Concrete Stain, EPOXY Shield, Marine Coatings, Painter’s Floor, Porch and Touch, Professional, Road Warrior, Specialty, Stops Rust, Universal, Varathane, Watco and Wolman.

The best product from Rust-Oleum you can use for your garage floor coating is the EPOXY Shield. The colors available are the are grey-semi gloss and tan semi-gloss. The EPOXY Shield kit contains everything you need to install your coating. But first you have to prepare your concrete for the project. The concrete must be in a good condition to successfully apply the coating. If you painted your floor before and the paint didn’t apply too well you should remove it first. But be careful about it, as this job can release very dangerous toxins. You should protect yourself when you remove the paint. Then you should check if your concrete has moisture. That can also be bad for your coating. The last thing you should check for is if your concrete is uneven or if it has cracks. After correcting all these problems, you should wait for a couple of days to let the concrete heal. Then you can start to apply the coating.

Before you start to prepare the coating, you should wet the concrete and with soap and water you can clean dust and dirt that might be on it. Now you can start to do your EPOXY Shield mix. Be sure to follow the instruction that come with the kit. After you have your mix you can start applying the coating. You can also get help doing that from the instructions. The coating should dry for at least 24 or 48 hours and before you get your vehicle back in the garage the coating should dry for at least 4 days.

In our opinion, the EPOXY Shield is a very good product. Everything is explained clearly in the instructions and it also works very well.

Garage Floor Coating – Do It Yourself Installing Procedure

Installing Procedure

This guide will help you step by step to install a garage floor coating, and this is appropriate if you are absolutely certain that you want to do it yourself. The most common type of floor coating is epoxy. That’s what this guide will explain exactly how to do.

Before you start applying the coating, you need to check a few things first. Make sure you do these things right, because they will affect the coating’s resistance and durability. First of all, check if the concrete is sealed. To do that splash some water on random spots and if the water beads that means the concrete is sealed. Then, if your concrete was painted before, make sure it has dried correctly. If not, use a scraper and remove it. Any bad paint remains could mess up the coating.

You must be very careful when you remove the paint. It releases very dangerous toxins that can lead, in the worst case, to brain damage. Use a protective mask while you remove it. If the paint is in perfect condition then you should clean it and make sure that it can perfectly bond with the coating. Another problem with the concrete you might have is moisture. The easiest way to find out if your concrete has moisture is to tape a sheet of plastic to the concrete. Then wait for about a day. If the concrete has a darker color or you see water drops it means that you shouldn’t install the coating. The last thing to take care of is to check the concrete for cracks, uneven spots and remove all dirt and dust. If you had to fix any cracks then you should wait a couple of days until the concrete has completely dried off.

After you did all the repairs you are now ready to prepare the concrete. Make sure again that there is no dirt or dust on the floor. Mix all concrete etch with about 6 liters of water and apply it to the floor after it has dissolved completely. This can help you remove all imperfect spots that might have remained on the concrete. When you are done with this procedure you should use a hose to clean any etch remained on the concrete. After the concrete has dried completely you are now ready to proceed to the next step.

Now you can prepare your epoxy coating. You should know that it isn’t recommended that you add color flakes to the decorative paint. The floor might be slippery after applying the coating so you might want to use aggregates that can prevent that and make the floor completely safe. Now you can apply the coating. Be sure to check the temperature. The coating is applied in different ways, depending on what temperature the concrete has. That means you should finish the work in about 2 hours, because the temperature might change. Ask a friend to help you if you think you can’t finish the work in 2 hours. After you’re done you must wait at least 2 days before going into the garage. The coating must fully dry, or it could get damaged. If you have a vehicle you should park it outside for about 4 days to be sure it won’t damage the concrete. After 4 days you can be sure it has dried completely. The tools you used for the coating should be cleaned right after usage or you will have a hard time to clean them later. All that is left to do now is to enjoy your garage and be satisfied that you chose to use a coating on your garage floor.

How To Choose A Good Contractor For Your Garage Floor Coating Installation

In this article we will talk about choosing a contractor to install your garage floor coating. You may think you can do it yourself, but sometimes it might go awfully wrong. That’s why in some cases it is also cheaper to get a contractor.

However, when you choose a contractor, you should be careful about it. Some companies offer very cheap service but it is usually very bad. The best way to do it is to look for garage floor coating contractors on the Internet. Look for types of coatings, patterns, colors and so on. When you find some contractors you like, you can call them and ask for more details. The first thing you should look out for is the time in which you get a response. That way you can see how serious the company is. Then you should talk with the contractor about the time it would take to finish your coating. Be sure you get a sample for what you will install. A very important thing is to check all the procedures and the time it will take to install the coating. Also, you should check for the license and insurance. The biggest mistake would be to make verbal agreements. Everything you agree on with the contractor should be put down on paper. The final thing is to check the sample to see if the contractor understood exactly what you are looking for.

You might consider doing the garage floor coating yourself. That isn’t the best idea in most of the cases. It is true that some types of coatings are very easy to install and you don’t need a contractor for that. If you choose an epoxy garage floor coating for example, you can’t be sure you will do it right. You have to check a lot of things and your concrete must be in good condition when you install it or it might have bad endings.

Of course, if you just want to protect your concrete and you don’t really care about the looks of your floor you can get a roll over coating. That type of coating is very easy to install. You just have to cut it the way you need it and roll it out on the floor. It reduces the chances of slipping and falling. But to be honest an epoxy coating which is way harder to install makes your garage look gorgeous and can protect your concrete better than a roll over coating.

In conclusion, if you really care about your garage and you also want your garage to have the best looks, the best thing you can do is to get a contractor. You can be sure you let your garage in good hands!

What Is The Best Price For A Garage Floor Coating Installation?

Garage Floor Coating Installation

You want to install garage floor coating, but you are not sure if you can afford it. We will now try to inform you about the average prices you will have to pay for garage floor coating. The price depends on many factors, like the quality of the work. It is always better to spend more and to be sure the job is done correctly.

First of all, if you get a contractor, it will cost you more then doing it yourself, but it will also be a job done better. The prices contractors will ask will be based on things like the size of the project. The cost per square foot will be lower if the size is bigger than usual. Another thing is how complicated the project will be. A simple project won’t cost as much as a very complicated one. Some contractors will also work over night if you need the job to be done fast. That could be expensive. If you choose yourself what products the contractor will use, that will be a big influence on the price range. Finally, maybe the most important thing is how experienced the contractor is.

The basic jobs that a contractor will do have different average prices. An Acid stain, that means to add a permanent color to the concrete, will cost somewhere between $2 and $7. Another job is concrete polishing. In this job, industrial diamonds are used to perfectly polish the concrete. Colors can be added too. The price you will have to pay for this job is somewhere around $1.5 to $10. Stamped concrete is a job in which you install cement on the concrete to make it look like a natural stone. Prices are from $5 to $15 for each square foot. Resurfacing the concrete will cost depending on how damaged and how much work there must be done in order to repair it. It usually isn’t higher than $8 for each square foot. Adding toppings to your stamped concrete is probably the most complicated thing you can ask for. That is why it can be pretty expensive too. But the best result is achieved this way. The average cost will be about $7 to $10 per square foot.

The coatings can also be expensive depending on the type of coating you choose. Many types of coatings are based on epoxy and sometimes have urethane as a top coating. The jobs can start from a simple epoxy paint to a complicated epoxy floor coating. The prices are somewhere between $2 and $15 for each square foot.

Now you know almost everything you need to. Next best thing to do is to find out if you can afford a contractor. If not you can also do it yourself using a kit, but make sure that you are experienced enough to do this.

Why Should You Get Custom Garage Floor Coating?

If you want to find out what benefits you could have in getting custom garage floor coating, you should read this article. You just may want to get one after you read it. I also thought before, what do I need a custom garage floor coating for? I can use rubber mats. It’s much easier and way cheaper. But after I saw a friend’s garage which has a custom made garage floor coating, I instantly changed my mind.

A custom garage floor coating can really help you if your biggest interest is how your garage looks. You don’t need to spend the money if you just want to get a protected floor. That’s what most people think. It doesn’t really matter how your garage looks, because you don’t live in it. You just keep your car in it or work tools and other old stuff. But if you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time in the garage, I don’t think you will always want to see how old the concrete floor and dirty it is.

The biggest advantage that a custom garage floor coating has is its looks. But it’s not only that. It can look good exactly the way you want, because every part is custom made. That is the best reason why you should get a custom coating. A regular one might not have the color you like or the shape or model you like. Another good thing is that the custom coating has the same qualities as a regular one. It protects your concrete from chemicals, oil or gas. It is way softer than the concrete, that’s why less noise is made and it is easier to work under a car for example. It makes the garage floor much easier to clean.

Unfortunately, getting custom coating also has bad parts. The worst part that it has is more expensive than a regular coating. You need to find a company that makes custom materials. But if you really want to have your garage exactly the way you like it, I’m sure you are also ready to spend some cash for that. Everything has its price. The good thing is that this is the only disadvantage that might change your mind on getting one, but you never now until you check the prices.

So if you really love your garage and you like to spend a lot of time in it and work on your vehicle, how the garage looks must be important for you. And bottom line is that custom garage floor coating is the best way to make your garage look great.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rubber Garage Floor Coating

Rubber Garage Floor Coating

If you have a garage and you don’t like the way it looks and you are fed up with having to work so hard to clean the floor, the best solution for you is to get a rubber garage floor coating. Not only will it help you when you clean your garage, but it will also give your garage a spotless look. The first thing you should think about is how much would you be willing to spend on a coating. The cheap option usually doesn’t work to well and doesn’t last very long. I would go for the quality option, even though more expensive, just to be sure. This way I know I’m not wasting my money.

If you want your coating to last as long as possible, the best option is a rubber coating or a epoxy coating. For a good looking garage you can use tiles. That’s one of the best way to make your garage look exactly the way you like it to be. Or maybe if you sold your vehicle and don’t need the garage anymore, you could turn the garage into an extra guest room. The best coating for a guest room would be vinyl or linoleum.

Rubber garage floor coatings are very cheap and last a long time. These are the most important qualities for a rubber coating. But it has other advantages too, these aren’t the only ones. The rubber coatings have a very clever system which prevents tracking any dirt into your home. The idea is pretty simple: because the patterns are elevated, they collect the dirt from your shoes as you walk. Another advantage is that the rubber coating is very easy to install. All you have to do is cut it to fit your garage and then roll it out. You can install it in an hour or two. The rubber coating also protects your concrete from dangerous substances that could deteriorate it. like gas or oil.

There is a reason that might make you change your mind. A rubber garage floor coating isn’t very good if you keep a vehicle in your garage. If the tires are very hot when you enter your garage and park it, the tires and the coating might melt and get them glued together. But the rubber garage floor coating is perfect if you use your garage as a working area. I think it’s the best choice for a professional work spot.

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