Heating Your Home

Heating Your HomeThe important utility services in any home are the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. For many it would be wise to upgrade their current system as it does not provide adequate heat during the winter months and is not as energy efficient as more modern systems. It is a constant challenge to find a system that will give adequate heat to a home without causing a significant rise in energy costs, especially during those cold winter months when utility bills often get out of control.

Types of Heating Systems

 There are many types of heating systems that can be installed in homes including radiant heating, central heating, oil heaters, tankless water heaters, and electric heaters. There are several factors that need to be considered when determining which type of system is right for you, including the size of the home, the lifestyle of those in the home, the number of rooms that require heat, and the budget for both installation and maintenance of a new system.

Heating Efficiency

There are things that can be done to improve the efficiency of your heating system that do not require significant time or effort. Two important things are to change your heating system filter when required and to have regular maintenance performed on your unit. To prevent unheated air from being circulated throughout the home the duct system connected to the furnace should be sealed. Windows should be tightly sealed during winter to prevent heat loss and when possible positioned so that they allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the home.

Lower Energy Bills

You will probably not require the same amount of heat in all the rooms in your home. You can use individual thermostats to reduce the amount of heat which is distributed to rooms that do not see significant use. The heat should always be turned down when you are away from the home. Your local utility company probably has helpful information about how to save energy in your area.

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