Heating Your Home with Electricity

Heating Your Home with ElectricityAt the end of a chaotic day you would like your home to be a warm and comfortable oasis of calm. Electricity, in part, helps us achieve that. We use electricity for so many of the tasks that make our homes enjoyable, cooking, laundry, light, computers, entertainment, and heating.

Advantages of Electric Heating

 The ease and cleanliness of electric heating is one of its prime advantages, as you do not need to store fuel or carry out ashes to take out after a fire has burned. You can enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of electric heat and save money on your energy costs by installing an off peak electric heating system. Of course your heating needs will be unique depending on your home and your lifestyle. Electric radiant heating, convective electric heating, hydronic heating, and thermal storage systems are some of the most popular choices in electric heating.

Electric Radiant Heating

These systems have low maintenance costs and quite heating as the result of radiant heating units. A bed of sand is laid on the floor and electric floor cables are place within it. The sand is heated by the electric cables and the heat is saved for release at a later time. You will continue to receive heat from the sand for several hours after heating the sand bed. Other types of radiant heating systems on the market today include cove heating and ceiling heating.

Convective Electric Heating

Air is heated by the convective electric heating system that is then spread throughout the entire home. This circulation of warm air makes the home very comfortable. The electric plenum heater is a very popular off peak electric heating system these days. They are easy to install and come in many different types. You can expect to pay about the same amount as you would for any other type of heating system. You can also get heat from an electric furnace which is small in size. With an additional back up heating source you can also convert your electric furnace to an off peak heating system.

Electric Thermal Storage Heaters

 These units use high density ceramic bricks to store heat for long periods of time after turning electricity into heat during off peak hours. You can maintain a constant comfortable temperature by using the stored heat during peak control periods. These system offer improved safety, convenience, and cleanliness over both gas and oil.

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