Help with your home doors

Help with your home doorsSo your thinking of replacing your home doors, of course you are that is why your reading this, is it? Anyway, I remember when I had to go out and buy my first set of home doors, it was not something I had given much thought to really, is a door a door? They all look the same to me to be honest but after a little research I started to realize that there are so many home doors options available to purchase. To give you a little taste of what I am on about here are a few different types of home doors on offer for you;

  • french doors
  • patio doors
  • fiberglass doors
  • wood doors
  • steel doors
  • pella door
  • pella replacement door
  • interior doors and exterior doors

Pella is one of many brands that offer; pella wood windows, pella windows and doors, pella vinyl windows as well as pella replacement windows. If you are thinking of replacing your doors as well as your windows you may find my home windows article of some help.

Home doors FAQ

 How do I know I am buying a quality door?

It is important to buy quality home doors, not only for practical reasons but if you have a weak door you have a security issue. Many people like to choose aluminium glass sliding door because they are light but, so manufactures cut corners and this makes it easy for burgers to get in. In some states they have introduced quality standards to prevent poor quality doors being built and sold. So check if you are in one of these states, you can buy from any manufacturer that has a good reputation and have the peace of mind that it is of good quality.

I have an entryway that is a odd shape?

Well to get home doors for a unusual entryways, you really need to get a custom made door. My reason for saying this is that if you do not have home doors that correctly fit, you will loose a lot of heat and get a draft which in the winter months is not a good thing.

Which Aluminium sliding home doors do I choose?

Well you can buy aluminium sliding home doors in bronze, silver or white frames. It is not necessary for the frame to match your patio decor but it looks better if it does. Depending on where the home doors are positioned on your house, you can have the glass obscured for that little bit of extra privacy. Another thing to consider is buying reversible sliding home doors as they are reasonably easy to install for the experienced DIYers out there.

Should I pay extra for insulated glass?

Personally I would as it is more of a investment, is you are having a patio door you are effectively installing a very large window in a wall. Therefore a lot of heat can escape during winter making your whole home very cold during the winter months. Insulated glass helps prevent heat loose and aids the temperature control within the home.

How can I get the best price on my home doors?

Shop around, that is the only advice I have for, prices vary from state to state. So to make sure you are getting the best price compare prices between companies, go see franchises as well as local retailers. The internet is a very useful tool as you can compare many manufacturers in one go, making the whole process that little bit quicker.

Is it really that important that home doors are installed properly?

Yes, obviously if home doors are not installed correctly they will not perform as they should. It is very important that you align your doors correctly, home doors can be installed by a DIYer but I would not recommend home door hanging to a novice as it can be rather difficult to do.
So as you can when it comes to home doors it is no easy feat to fit them nor is the task of having to purchase home doors. There a literally hundreds of  door manufacturers in the world, if you really want you can have home doors imported from other countries. Home doors can say a lot about the person who owns the house, a clean door shows that you are organized, a colorful door shows people that you are out going and a damaged door shows people you just do not care about the house you live. So you should really give your home doors some real thought otherwise you could be giving off the wrong message about yourself, lets face it would you want to go to the home of some one who does not care about their home?

Take your time when you select your home doors, if you shop around you may find a offer for free fitting with certain home doors or some limited time special offer do not make the mistake most people do and buy the first home doors they see. It is important that you get the right door that will fit the frame you have and will do the job you want it to do, home doors do more than open and close. They will protect you from the elements, keep the people you do not want in your home out and importantly keep the things you want to stay in your home in. Good quality home doors are worth investing, so do not go for the cheapest option available to, you want quality.

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