Home Construction Trends Around the Country

Home Construction Trends Around the CountryIt’s interesting when you look at the different architectural styles and concepts across the country. From California to New Mexico to Florida to New York, every state has its own unique approach to building homes. Here are a few trends you might want to look out for on your next road trip:

The West Coast

The west coast is home to a wide range of styles owing to its wide range of cultural influences, but in particular, be on the lookout for Mexican style architecture. The state borrows quite a bit from its southwestern and southern neighbors. These Spanish-roots homes were initially developed to provide shelter from the harsh sun of the desert, so they are geared more towards keeping you cool than deflecting rain and so on.

The Southwest

In some states in the southwest, prefab and trailer homes are quite common, not so much for cost effectiveness as for the fact that the Earth is simply too hard to dig deeply into without extensive and expensive digging equipment. In New Mexico and Nevada, especially, look for homes that were once trailer homes or prefabs and have since been converted into more luxurious houses.


A common sight in Southeast Alaska is the converted houseboat. These homes were once boats but have since been landed and stabilized as standalone houses. It’s easier to simply ship an entire house around the tiny islands of Southeast Alaska than it is to ship the materials and the crew.


You see basements in some states but not in others. Sometimes this has to do with how hard the ground is, like in the aforementioned southwestern states. It’s hard to dig a basement if you live in New Mexico. If you live in New York or Jersey, on the other hand, it doesn’t make sense not to dig in and get a little extra space in your home. In other states, like Louisiana and Florida, the ground may be soft, but flooding is a serious concern.

Wood Cabins

You may notice that you never see wood cabins in the middle of the city. Most cabin style homes are built in rural areas from the materials available in the local area. In states like Alabama, Missouri and other heavily wooded areas you’ll find a lot of wooden homes built from trees chopped down within a one or two acre radius. This is economical, fast and convenient for rural people who want to have their own home.

The different approaches to building a home in different areas are determined by a number of factors including cultural influences on the architecture and design, the materials available in the local area, and what environmental hazards inhabitants have to deal with. This is why you see more brick homes in windy areas and lighter materials used in hotter states. Next time you’re on a road trip, keep an eye out and see if you can spot any of these differences yourself.

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