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Home flooringWhen it comes to home flooring, unless you have done it before there are many questions you may have. The type of home flooring I will be covering in this article is laminate flooring, it is one of the most common home flooring. It is fairly easy to install and very durable, I am a fan of laminate flooring for home flooring, if you can not tell.

Some frequently asked questions about home flooring

How do you clean laminate flooring?

One way of keeping your laminate flooring in the best condition possible, is to follow the maintenance advice. As daft as this may seem, each manufacturer of laminate flooring has their own maintenance guide, so easier than others, but if you do clean your new laminate floor with the wrong cleaning products you can actually damage your home flooring. Most will recommend that you just spray your home flooring with a mild cleaning agent then mop thoroughly.

Can you buy water proof laminate flooring?

The wood itself is actually coated in a varnish that makes it water proof, but what tends to happen is that water can seep in between the joins in the laminate flooring. If water is continually seeping through the joins and pooling underneath your home flooring. It will start to swell and wrap, this will occur especially with the changing of the seasons. The best advice I can offer is that you clear up any spills as soon as they happen, this will help prevent it seeping throughout the joins in the wood.

If I buy laminate flooring, will it be scratch resistant?

Well due to the application of a tough melamine top coating, your laminate home flooring will be virtually scratch resistant. Obviously if you were to scrap a screw driver across it, it will mark but for general everyday wear and tear it is very durable. Laminate home flooring is a good to put in hall ways and areas of your home that get a lot of traffic, so to speak.

Do you get a warranty with laminate home flooring?

Well this depends on where you buy your laminate home flooring from, some manufactures do offer warranties and extended warranties. Like I said it just depends on where you buy it from.

Which rooms are best suited for laminate home flooring?

You can put laminate home flooring in pretty much any room in your home, you can fit it in your kitchen, bathroom any room. But remember this laminate home flooring is not slip proof so I would not recommend you put it in your bath room but if you really want to you can. Laminate home flooring was not designed for wet rooms so it is not particularly practical.

Can you lay laminate home flooring outside?

This is one of the things that is not possible for you to do with laminate home flooring, you cannot lay it outside.

Can I lay laminate home flooring own my own?

Laminate home flooring has been designed with the enthusiastic home renovator in mind, you can pick up the tools you will need for the job from any good hardware store. It is almost as easy as putting together a jigsaw.

What is a expansion gap?

An expansion gap is a slight gap near the wall to allow for seasonal movement, as the weather conditions change the wood will expand and contract. It is not a drastic change in the wood, it will not be noticeable but if you do not leave the expansion gap it can cause problems when the wood expands.

Final thoughts on home flooring

Laminate home flooring is a versatile and easy to fit flooring that you can fit any where in your home, it is truly home flooring with the DIY enthusiast in mind. You can lay your laminate home flooring in a afternoon, if you have a basic understanding of how to work with wood. You do not have to go with laminate home flooring there are other options available such as; hardwood floors, carpet flooring, floating flooring, tiles, mohawk flooring, carpet tile, shaw flooring and bamboo flooring. Each has there own benefits and negatives, you can buy most from a wholesale flooring company but these tend to be for more commercial flooring. Some companies offer free shipping or same day shipping but this does vary from shop to shop.

If you are planning any home renovations, having the enough money to complete the project so you may find my article on home addition loan. Laminate home flooring is a wonderful investment  and can completely change the feel of a room. You and your friends will really notice a difference, it can make a room look cleaner and people will want to come round to your house more often, sorry. So that’s my feelings on laminate home flooring, hopefully I have not put you off because home flooring can really transform your home.

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