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Home Improvement EstimatorTurning yourself in to a home improvement estimator can be very difficult, so here is a like advice to help you. Any good property realtor will have good idea of how much any home improvements you may want to do on the property you are looking at. Again if you are looking at a property that needs major construction work such as roofing, it can be difficult to get a straight estimate, so I would recommend that you speak to a few professionals that have dealt with both the technology & engineering required to complete such repairs or remodeling. Obviously if you want to undertake the task of making home improvements yourself it would be cheaper but making any type of home improvement or remodeling can be very time consuming.

I have mentioned in an earlier post (http://homeimprovementsguru.com/?p=6) that if you do not feel you have enough time to complete the task, you should give some serious thought to getting a professional in to make any of the renovations you are thinking of doing. So when you sit down to estimate the amount of money it will cost, you need to know whether you are doing the work yourself of whether your going to sub contract the work to a construction engineer or a professional re-decorator.

Here are a few rough guides that cover both the low cost renovations and the more expensive remodeling of various rooms.

Bathroom, Home improvement estimator:

The average bathroom renovations costs $8,520 but the cost of bathroom improvements can range from anywhere between $800 for some new tiles and a lick of paint. All the way to $50, 000 for a very extravagant bathroom indeed.

After kitchen remodeling the bathroom is the second room you should consider renovating to improve the value of your home. It is one of the few rooms that you will see a return on your investment for your home improvements. When it comes to planning your bathroom remodeling and more importantly estimating the cost consider if you wish to replace the faucets, storage spaces, bath, toilet and sink as the these can be the most expensive items to replace. If you wish to open up some space removing by removing the bath and i it’s place putting a glass shower. These renovations with require you to contract the work out to qualified plumbers, unless you are one yourself. This will increase the cost of your remodeling to between $1500 and $8000 depending of the faucets, bath and shower etc. you have chosen. If you are just wanting to add some new tiles and a lick of paint it can cost you up to $800 because you do need to use bathroom paint because it is water proof and will prevent mold.

As I mentioned earlier you can see return on invest so it is worth sinking a little bit cash in to the remodeling and not cutting corners. The $8,520 is for a full bathroom remodeling, so this price does include parts and labor costs when contracting out the work to a professional plumber.

Kitchen, home improvement estimator:

Making home improvements to your kitchen can start from $1000 which is just for a basic redecoration, a few tiles, maybe some laminate flooring. The cost of home improvements to the kitchen can go all the way up to $60, 000 for a full on remodel, new cooker, floor, tiles and for that price you would expect a butler but sadly no. Just a lovely kitchen to eat your breakfast in.

We’ve all heard the saying, the “kitchen is the heart of the home”, well this is quite true. It is rather common for people to gather in the kitchen to talk and generally socialise. So it make sense that if you are planing any home improvement that the first place to make any home improvements is in the kitchen.

Ask any realtor making home improvements to the kitchen is one of the few area has yields the most return on investment. So whether you been toying with the idea of some new counter tops or dreaming of having that perfect floor, at least you know you will get something back for all that money you are investing in your home improvements.

Here is a list that will give you a rough idea of how much the materials for making your home improvements will cost;

  • Counter tops can range from $250 to $8,000
  • cabinet re-facings can range from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Natural stone floors can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

The average kitchen home improvement will cost around $20, 662 so that will help you become a home improvement estimator.

Online home improvement estimators

As you may have discovered there are many online home improvement estimators out there, some of these home improvement estimators are attached to home improvement software. All lot of other home improvement estimators are attached to companies, but these home improvement estimators can be rather misleading and designed to give you a low home improvement estimate so that you employ them to undertake the work. There are some independent home improvement estimators, but I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these estimators. In my opinion I would seek out the advance of professional, such as property realtor to be your own personal home improvement estimator. My reasoning behind this it that is the home improvement estimate is at a reasonable price you can just ask them to undertake the work for you, or in the case of using a property realtor they will be able to put you in contact with their contractors who will be able to start the work.

There are many online calculators, they include basement calculator, bathroom estimator, roofing calculator they use a combination of Science/Mathematics to estimate the cost of your renovation. Some will break down a loan for you in to the down payment, closing costs and even the difference between a adjustable-rate and fixed-rate loan. Obviously if you are getting a mortgage or using a refinance or home equity program your lender or broker will be able to explain all the information you need to know. If you do not feel you can trust a online home improvement estimator you can always get a appraisal in person most companies that deal with real estate are happy come out and see you.

So once again it is down to your personal preference whether yo decide to use a online home improvement estimator or whether to go through a professional to act as a home improvement estimator on your behalf, going through a professional could be more accurate.  If you have a lot of home improvement experience and feel confident enough to act as your own home improvement estimator and cost up your own materials, cost for labor, you are more than welcome to share your knowledge with us just leave a comment.

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