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Home Painting Trouble shooting guide

Home PaintingThe cheapest and possible the easiest way of making the exterior of your home look better is painting it. But if your clever when your home painting you may not even need to paint the whole house to achieve the desired effect. Not only will home painting breath new life in even the most tired looking homes it will protect your home from the elements, helping prevent any nasty leaks etc. So whether you’ve decide to paint your porch, one of the parts of the home that is effect most by the elements or the side of your house it is the same process for what ever you decide to paint.

Well the first thing you need to do when home painting is prep the surface, clean it and make any repairs you need to do. You then select your paint type and apply in even coats, usual you will need two or three coats to build up strong coverage. Most people recommend late spring or early fall for the best time for home painting, the mean reason for this is that you can get out on a warm and dry day but it is not too sunny. If you are home painting in temperatures above 40 degrees F you will encounter numerous problems and end up with a ruined home painting job.

One of the most common mistakes when home painting is too not pick up on the root causes of paint failure.

What to look for before you start home painting:


Peeling is usually present due to wet or damp wood, another cause is actually moisture from inside your home pushing its way through the paint. One way of controlling the moisture in your home is by purchasing a exhaust fan and fitting it. If this is not a option use a latex primer then a top coat of latex paint. The benefit of using latex paint over other varieties of paint is that is allows the wood to breath, letting the moisture escape.


This issue gets it name from the way it looks, if you have alligatoring your paint will look like, you guessed it the hide of a alligator. What happens is the paint shrinks and forms individual islands, this leaves the previous surface exposed. This usually occurs when the top coat of paint does not bond with the paint below. It is possible you have used to paints that are not compatible or you have not given enough flash time. Flash time is the time it takes for the paint to dry before you can add another coat. The only solution for this is to scrap it all off and sand it down. Prime and repaint.


Blistering is when the paint rises from the surface and forms little bubble like blisters. This usually occurs when moisture is trapped is trapped under the paint as it is drying. The solution is to scrap off any blisters, if you can see the wood behind it is dry, then the problem is due to moisture. If you find paint, then what has happened is that you have been using a oil based or alkyd based paint on a rather hot day. The heat has caused the solvents in the paint to start to evaporate but due to the heat a layer of paint has dryad and trapped the solvent in a bubble forming the blister. Ether way you have to scrap them off and sand it down, then repaint.


When applying a new coat of paint sometimes you can get a little paint happy and put quite a thick layer of paint on. You do not save time by doing this, what tends to happen is that the outer layer of the paint dries and the liquid layer underneath abides by the laws of gravity and starts to travel towards the ground. This creates sags and wrinkles. To repaint, you need to make sure the new paint is the correct consistency and make sure you brush it out fully as you apply. To prep the surface for a repaint you need to sand the area down until it is completely smooth and in some instances it may be necessary to remove the paint right down to the wood.

A final note to end

As you can see it is not as simple as picking paint colors from a PAINT COLOR CHART it can turn out to be a real condominium. There are Exterior Painting Contractors or House Painting Contractors as they are also known available, they will know which house paints are best for Residential Painting in your area. A good Home Painting Company will be able to advice on their Professional Home Improvement Services when you call their office. The main benefit of using Exterior Decorators is that all you have to do is pick paint colors and they do the rest, the only time you have to go outside outside is when it is time to inspect the finished product. If you are thinking of using contractors and architects for your renovation you may find my home addition loan article of some use to you.

Exterior House Paint can be difficult to choose there are many types out there; Latex House Paint behr paint for example and numerous paints for wood stains. It can become a real head ache when you are home painting but you will usually be able to get advice on which paint to use from your local hardware store. Feel free to comment if you have had any experiences you would like to share about your home painting project or any other issues you have encountered when home painting.

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