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Home Patios helpHome patios are a fantastic addition to your home, think of those lazy Sunday afternoons sat out on the patio. The gentle sizzle of the barbeque, the subtle titter of conversation and you there just soaking up the sun and enjoying your day off.

Home Patios frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build a home patios?

Before you can build your home patios, you are required to get planing permission from your local council. This is whats know as a building license and this process can take anywhere between a few days and 6 weeks to obtain one. Once you have your license it usually takes about 4 weeks to complete the construction of home patio.

How big can a build my home patios?

You have many factors that will affect the decision on the size of your home patios.  All home additions must comply with the local residential building regulations. This will define how close you can build your home patios to your neighbors fence and will let you know if you can or cannot cover any manholes that are within your property’s grounds.

Should I shop around or should I go for a local home patio contractor?

If you have read any of my other articles, I always recommend that you shop around. Get a few quotes and see if you can barter with your local home patios contractor.

Can I get a warranty with my home patios?

Most companies that will build your home patio, will offer some kind of warranty. You can also purchase a warranty from external companies, if you do have to do this shop around as there are quite a few companies that offer warranties out there.

Should I put polycarbonate on my home patio?

This can be  answered in a few simple questions on what your purpose of the home patios have been designed for. If all you want it for is shade and cooling, then a highly reflective colorbond roof would be the best solution. If you want an area that is usable all year round but do not really want  to reduce the light that enters your house then polycarbonate is more suitable. An experience home patios contractor will be able to find a mix of materials to find the balance you are after.

Should I include gutters and downpipes in my home patios design?

You should really include gutters and downpipes in your home patios design, if you do not you will find that you may have problems with water drainage.

Do home patios blow away in strong winds?

Obviously under extreme wind conditions it will not last, but most home patios will stand up to strong winds. Home patios are now but with stronger structures than before and are coated with numerous different materials to stand up to the changing weather conditions as the seasons go by.

Colorbond steel home patios over timber home patios?

Well there are a few advantages to having a colorbond  steel home patios;

•    A Beautiful and elegant appearance
•    Quick and clean installation
•    Superior durability
•    Forest friendly
•    No painting
•    No termite treatments required
•    Considerably less weight load on your house
•    Minimal ongoing maintenance

So there are many accessories you can buy for your home patios such as; draining mats, matting, patio overhangs, custom patio covers, patio covers, patio umbrella as well as patio awnings to help create shade. I mean if it was not difficult enough already picking the style, the color now you are stuck for choice on what you can put on your patio, there is a great range home patio furniture out there for you. You can pick up patio furniture for reasonable prices and varying quality of finish from your local hardware store.

You can if you want to build your own home patio but I would only recommend this to a experienced DIYer. My reason for this is that you need to be very meticulous with your measuring during the planning stages as well as being aware of any building regulations that you have to abide by, because the last thing you want to happen is once you have put in all that hard work for some busy body to come along and force you to take it down. So I would be careful if you are undertaking building your home patios yourself, it is extremely time consuming not to mention a fairly arduous task in itself and if cost is an issue you may want to read my article on home addition loans.

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