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Home PlumbingAfter much trial and error of my own and some research I have discovered some frequently asked questions. It is a tough choice you have to make when something goes wrong with your home plumbing, do you tackle it yourself or do contact a professional contractor? So hopefully this article will help you decide whether you can do it yourself or not.

General Home Plumbing Questions

What are these plumbing abbreviations?

Well there are quite a few you may encounter when it comes to home plumbing but here are the most common;
•    W/C = Toilet
•    CWM = Clothes Washing Machine
•    DWM = Dish washing Machine
•    LAV = Bathroom Sink
•    HWT = Water Heater
•    LT = Laundry Tray
•    CFT = Claw Foot Tub
•    FD = Floor Drain

How do I do water heater maintenance?

You should perform your a maintenance check on your water heater once a year, this is possibly the most common home plumbing task you will take on.

Step one: Turn off both the electric and gas before you start. The reason for this is because if the heating element comes on when the tank is dry it will cause a lot of damage. And the whole reason your doing this is to save a little cash, so you do not want to fork out for major repair work.

Step 2: Drain the water out of the water heater tank (HWT). With the pipe still attached flush out the sediment by opening and closing the inlet valve a few times. If the water stops coming out, you may have to dismantle the valve because it may have become blocked with the loose lime scale. Once the water is running completely clear stop.

Step 3: Remove the sacrificial anode, this is the plug at the top when removing this be careful as the anode should be roughly the same length as the HWT. You need to inspect the sacrificial anode now, what you are looking for is any sign of damage or wear, if any section of the anode is less than 1/4″ thick the anode needs to be replaced.

Step 4: Place the sacrificial anode some where safe, then in the hole where the anode fits take a look inside the HWT with a flash light. You need to look for any signs of corrosion. If your HWT has a lot of rust that is visible, it is most likely time you replaced it.

Step 5: Replace the sacrificial anode and fill the tank before you turn the gas and electricity back on.

How high do I have to fit my gas hot water tank from the floor?

Well at the very least you should fit 18″ off the floor, the reason for this is that the combustible fumes “sink” and the 18″ gap helps create efficient air flow.

My new toilet is leaking at the base whats the problem?

Well there are a few things you need to check, is the top flange even with the floor? If it is sitting below the floor level you can move it up and fix it there using wax rings. One wax ring on top of the flange and one below it to fix it in position. Another issue may be the flange is not correctly glued. One other solution is if your floor is uneven you may need to shim the toilet to make it even.

My clothes washing machine keeps over flowing, whats the problem?

This is quite a common problem in home problem, in your house the clothes washing machine is probably the lowest water appliance in your home and the reason it is over flowing is that your septic tank is full. The solution is quite simple you just get your septic tank pumped and cleared.

Home plumbing repair

Well it can be hard when your trying troubleshooting but if you do get stuck with your home plumbing problems and you cannot think of what the cause of the problem is, it might b time to call a plumbing contractor. If you are wanting to tackle any commercial plumbing you should not do the plumbing yourself you should always get a plumbing contractor, this is not because you are not capable it is for legal reasons. If anything goes wrong after the repair has been you will not be held responsible and liable for legal action.

Home plumbing can be anything from fixing the garbage disposer to fitting a faucet but it can be very time consuming and if it is not done properly you will not be reducing the repair costs, you will actually be increasing the  repair cost. It has being well documented that diy home plumbing can end up being a disaster, so I would only recommend that you only tackle simple task such as fixing a leaky faucet anything more complicated in my experience can and will most likely go wrong. Oh and one more tip, if anything has a warranty on it do not try fix it yourself take it back to the manufacture.

So if you have decided to get a plumbing contractor in to under take  a rather large home plumbing repair or are just wanting to renovate your bathroom, my home addition loan article may be of some interest to you.

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