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What is home siding?

Home SidingWe’ve all seen the adverts, install vinyl siding they scream, you will never have to paint your house again. This durable plastic does not flake or rot, unlike cedar or wood. You can get vinyl in pretty much any color you can imagine, it can even imitate architectural details once carved in to wood.

But hang on, what a lot of these adverts will not tell you is that it might not be so straight forward. So before your on the phone to the contracts and booking in a vinyl home siding to cover your tired looking cedar shingles or wood clapboard. You need to say tuned for this public service message.

Are there any health risks?

Vinyl is actually a polyvinyl chloride plastic or PVC as it is more commonly known that is thought to cause cancer in humans. Even though vinyl may be safe while it is on the exterior of you home, there are scientists that think that the manufacturing and disposal of vinyl does cause great health and environmental risks. It is not unheard of that accidental fires in vinyl sided buildings are actually more dangerous than a standard house fire due to the toxic smoke that is generate as the vinyl burns. But unless you are planning on a house fire, there is a very low chance that it will cause you any health issues.

How durable is a vinyl home siding?

A lot of the adverts imply that the vinyl home siding is permanent, which is true some extent it does last a long. Which is one of the main reasons it is so difficult to dispose of. However in extreme weather conditions vinyl is actually not as durable as wood or masonry. If the vinyl sheets are not put down correctly a violent wind can get underneath the sheets and rip them off the building. Also wind blown debris is capable of damaging the vinyl home siding.

There are also available to you is liquid vinyl coatings, which is sprayed on like paint. This is actually slightly more durable but is more expensive and harder to be applied correctly.

Why is siding important?

Siding is like putting a permanent coat round round your house, protecting it from the elements. What it also helps with is insulation and insect infestation. Another benefit is that is can dramatically renovate the exterior of your home.

Should I invest in a new vinyl siding or just re-paint my old one?

Well vinyl is just one of many quality materials you can use for house siding which does not need repainting at a later date. This is the most common reason people tend to go for it as a home siding option. Here are a few pros and cons;

  • repainting will be cheaper in the short term so if you are not planning on living in this house a long period of time it might be a more feasible option for you.
  • If you already have a wood siding, vinyl will seal up any gaps found in the wood and insulate your home better.
  • By choosing to use vinyl you can alter the color of your home and not have to worry about running out paint.

Are home siding and installation prices reasonable?

Personally I would get a few estimates, just like you would with any renovation work you would have done on your home. Sadly like any trade, there are cowboys out there waiting to take advantage of the naive, so that is why you should always get a few estimates to see if you are getting a reasonable price.

Is there a “top” home siding product?

This is a difficult one because there are obviously some siding material which are better quality than others. But each manufacture offers their own blend with different pros and cons for it. So all I can tell you on this subject is that you need to do your research and see which material suits your climate, budget and taste.

What maintenance is require for vinyl home siding?

Well vinyl doesn’t require paint, where as wood need to be painted or at least needs to be stained. However vinyl is not maintenance free, it is easier to look after than other siding materials. For your vinyl home siding fresh is should be washed at least once a year. Just like any wooden sashes or trim will still require their routine paintings. If you lean ladders against the house you could mark the the vinyl home siding.

Vinyl home siding presents it’s own own breed of maintenance issues, such as moisture trapped beneath the sheets will eventually accelerate rot, promote mold and mildew. So you do need to check for rips on a regular basis, because it is these rips that will cause these problems. If left un-repaired it could cause serious damage to your house.

So as you can see  there are a few benefits to having vinyl home siding over cedar wood siding. You can choose House Siding Materials as they vary from company to company. I personally think the risks of having home siding are very low and the maintenance of home siding is very easy all you have to do is be careful when you are cleaning it, other than that it is an easy life when you have home siding.

If you are worried about covering the cost of having home siding fitted to your house, these two articles might be of some interest; home addition loan and government funded home improvement grant. I have quite a lot of faith in PVC home siding over traditional home siding but I how this article has helped you make up your own mind.

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