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Home Windows HelpMany people who are home window shopping, forgive the pun, have a few common questions that you would like answering. I know I did when I started my first home renovation project, it is hard to make a decision when you are unsure of comparing prices, quality and home window products. Here are a few examples of home windows that are available to you;

  • double pane window
  • energy efficient windows
  • sliding window door
  • custom windows
  • simonton windows
  • window wall
  • vinyl windows
  • round window
  • air window
  • Andersen windows
  • pella vinyl windows
  • pella double hung windows
  • milgard window

 Some home windows frequently asked questions

When is time to get new home windows?

Well there are a few tell tale signs that will let you know when it is time to change your home windows;

  1. When your home windows become hard to open.
  2. Even if your home windows are shut, there is still a draft.
  3. Even during low humidity there is condensation on your home windows.
  4. Your home windows rattle when it is windy
  5. Your home is very hot in summer, yet extremely cold during winter.

Who do I buy my home windows from?

This is completely your choice, you can choose to use a franchise that has a good customer rating, but remember their service may not be as good as a local home window contractor. They are more inclined to give you a better deal as their business relies on you telling your friends and family how good they are. If you are worried about which home windows to buy if they have the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified Energy star, you know you  are buying a good quality home windows.

Does buying new home windows solve any draft problems?

Well drafts or air infiltration can be caused by several different things, if your home windows are not installed correctly is a fairly common one. Another is the home window is made from a defective material, is less common but is not unheard of.  An incorrectly installed home window will allow air to flow freely through the gaps in the seal of the window. A defective product can actually allow more than air to get through the gap between the home window frame and the window sash, water can occasional get through. If your home windows are correctly sealed and installed these problems will be solved.

Will new home windows sort out my condensation issues?

Condensation occurs when there is a difference in temperature between the air inside your home and the air outside your home. Having double or triple glazed home windows will prevent condensation, the reason for this is there is an air gap between each pane of glass. Having the gap allows the air in the middle to be at a temperature that is below the temperature inside but above the temperature outside.

Do energy efficient windows pay for themselves over time?

If you have bought certified energy efficient home windows that have been installed by professionals correctly they will prevent heat loss through your windows. So they do lower your heating costs, only if you turn off you heating once your home is warm otherwise they will not change a thing as you heating will still be on. But if you do turn off your heating, you will find that your home stays warmer for longer, by doing this you will start to save money therefore your new home windows will pay for themselves over time.

What do I  look for when buying new home windows?

Well I would recommend you only buy your windows for a well established manufacture that has guaranteed quality. I would also only use contractors that are qualified to fit windows, because even if you have the greatest windows in the world if they are not installed properly they cannot work correctly.

How do I compare the performance of home windows?

Well the simplest way to compare the performance of different brands of home windows is by using the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). What the NFRC does is rates the energy efficiency of the home windows, obviously the higher the rating will be reflected in the price..

How long can I expect my new home windows to last?

This is dependant on a few factors, the frame material, the quality of the construction and the weather conditions in your local area.  If you regularly maintain your new home windows, you will obviously increase the life span of your home windows.

Low E glass?

Low E glass or low emissivity class as it is formally known, is created by having a very thin layer of metal deposited on the surface of the glass. What Low E glass can do is reduce the amount of heat transfer between outside and inside, as well as reducing the amount of harmful UV rays that get in to your home. Low E glass is defiantly a contender to be consider when you are selecting new home windows.

So as you can see there is a lot to consider when look for home windows replacement services. I do recommend that you read the comments people leave when they review windows, as well as home window buying advice you can find. Be weary of the advice that is attached to a manufacturer or brand as it may be a little bias. When you are shopping for your new home windows, you may want to consider getting sliding glass doors, fiberglass entry doors, exterior doors or front doors fitted at the same time as your new windows. The reason I mention this is that door manufacturers and window manufacturers tend to be linked together just due to the nature of the work. One issue I have now mentioned in this home windows help article is finance, I have written a article on home addition loans that may be of some use to you. Having your doors and windows replaced can be rather expensive, so if you do not want to run out of cash half way through getting new home windows I would defiantly consider your finance options before starting the project.

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