How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Kitchen Cabinets

So what are the first items you notice when you enter someone’s kitchen? Without a doubt, it’s the kitchen cabinets! Have you ever wondered why? Precisely because the kitchen cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in a person’s kitchen. The kitchen cabinet’s two most important uses are the same as always: storage and adornment.

And there is really no shortage of possibilities when it comes to buying a kitchen cabinet. You will find them available in all shapes and sizes, and what’s even more interesting, is the fact that they sell instantly. If there is a surefire product that will always sell, this is it, for all you Marketers interested in home improvement. Either you go to a home improvement center, a showroom or even a lumberyard, you are sure to find these items.

So, if we are talking about the style, you will have a great diversity at your disposal. First of all, you have the basic kitchen cabinets made of wood. In terms of modernistic approach and keeping up with the trends, there are the modular cabinets. You can all get them from any furniture store or, if you want something more personalized that exactly matches your taste, you can get one custom made.

Before you decide whether to buy it or have it custom made, so actually before starting the purchasing process, you need to take a few measurements of your kitchen. Based on these finding, you need to make a first decision about the size of the cabinet. Of course, again, you will be able to choose from a wide array of sizes from the markets, ranging from 9 to 48 inches in width.

The next step is to establish the theme of your kitchen and the feel you want it associated with. Your kitchen cabinet must match that theme. You can go for a contemporary look, and consequently buy laminated cabinets, or you can go for a more traditional feel and buy the hardwood cabinets. There is variety in both of them, especially in wood, where you will find all sorts of materials like cherry, maple, ash, oak, birch, etc. You can also choose between a face frame and a frameless cabinet.

Face framed cabinets made out of hardwood are very popular nowadays in the United States. So, if you live in the USA, you have probably seen those and you can consider going for the same style yourself. Just make sure you are comfortable with your decision because, after all, you can find any variety you could ever think about.


A Good Way To Recycle Your Old Kitchen Cabinet

Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

You would be amazed by the great number of things you could do with recycled kitchen cabinets. For example, if you use your imagination, you can create a library case or even your own unique bookcase, and yes, they can be created from a recycled kitchen cabinet.

In order to keep this whole process simple, you need to choose a recycled cabinet that has a simple design. Maybe you have an antique cabinet that you have always wanted to replace. Then, you need to find a suitable location where you will place your new piece of furniture. If you have a window that faces the south, that would be perfect as it would give you the possibility to read your favorite books using the warm rays of the sun.

The best approach in this situation is to build to new bookcases, one on each side of the window. You can place a seat in between them, and this will provide you with an excellent spot for reading and relaxation. If the window also needs some repairing, it is advisable that you do that now.

You should now look at the great variety of kitchen cabinets that are available in stores, both online and offline. This is in order for you to paint an initial picture of how everything is going to look.

You can create a nook if you have two cabinet shelves which are actually taller than the seat. If you have a matching pair of kitchen cabinets that need recycling, they would be perfect. If one cabinet is all you have, you can cut it in two. But how will you match everything together? Well, most of the imperfections can be fixed with grade veneered plywood. This plywood will help you cover all the visible surfaces.

Creating a good book nook is always nice, but you have to think about your safety first. The most important aspect for you to consider is if the book shelves, when fully loaded, don’t topple forward. This is especially important when working with recycled cabinets.

Finally, the nook must be fastened on the wall. Also, you must make sure that the upper shelves are stable. The key to all this is to install some solid pieces of wood which will eventually provide a strong foundation.


Things You Can Do With A Surplus Kitchen Cabinet

Surplus Kitchen Cabinets

It is amazing how many items or pieces of furniture can be removed when doing a home remodeling and redecorating. Old, outdated or broken items need to be taken out in order to leave room for some new pieces of furniture that will give you home a new and fresher look. This is also the case of surplus kitchen cabinets. So what can you do with a surplus kitchen cabinet?

When wanting to get rid of an extra piece of furniture, an important factor that decides how you are going to do it is its condition. There are basically 2 scenarios here: the item is either entirely or partially broken, or the item is still usable.

If your surplus kitchen cabinet is entirely broken, well, there’s nothing you can do but throw it away. However, if it is only partially broken, you can use certain parts for other purposes, like doors, drawers, etc. For instance, depending on the parts that are damaged, you can build a new bookcase. Yes, it can be done. Also, certain pieces of wood may come in handy for other purposes. For instance, you could use a drawer as storage for clutter in your garage.

If the surplus kitchen cabinet is still usable, you can even try to sell it. The best option for that is either a garage sale or selling on eBay. If you put a reasonable price tag, big chances are that you will be able to find a buyer.

Finally, another interesting thing you can do with an extra kitchen cabinet is to… donate it. Yes, you heard me right. There are various institutions which accept and even look for this kind of donations and your gift will definitely be welcomed. The best part about this is that it will make you feel very good about yourself. You can also take it to a warehouse or a recycling center, if you have one of these facilities somewhere in your neighborhood or at least at a reasonable distance from home.

There you go, these are the most important thing you can do with a surplus kitchen cabinet. Everybody wins, and you have a lot more space at your disposal in your kitchen for brand new and stylish pieces of furniture.


The Advantages Of Pre-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Premade Kitchen Cabinets

The image of the average homeowner is very different now from what it was not more than a decade ago. Everything in our lives is moving at a much faster speed, and this also means change for all the items in our homes. Today’s home owners upgrade their kitchen furniture with the help of pre made kitchen cabinets, which have the advantage of being real time savers.

A pre made kitchen cabinet is a ready to use solution that will solve all your storage problems in the kitchen. It has a modular design, and its installation instructions are extremely easy to follow. They are also smaller in size, which means that they will be way easier to ship and handle.

Another great advantage of these cabinets is the price. You will be amazed to find out that they have the same materials as the customized cabinets do, but they are almost half their price. The styles are also extremely varied, ranging from rustic and country to contemporary, modern and traditional. Their variety in styles is only matched by their variety in sizes.

A popular type of pre made cabinets is the Knotty Pine cabinet. The only disadvantage that this particular type of kitchen cabinet has is the fact that you can only choose from an already existing frame. This will give you reduced possibilities of customizing it, but hey… having a pre made kitchen cabinets has some great advantages of its own, and those are the ones that really matter.

You should start searching in shops form your local area or on the online stores for a pre made kitchen cabinet. You need to pay attention to details like: the construction and the style of the cabinet, availability and other features included in the piece of furniture. Consulting yourself with a few professionals will help you make an educated choice, and will help you choose the item that suits you the best.

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