Installing a Charging Point for your Electric Car


Across the developed world, the use of the electric car has taken the world of transportation into a new realm. Gas-guzzling motor vehicles are looking set to disappear from our roads within two to three decades and a more environmentally-friendly option will be to drive around in an electric car.

Performance-wise, the electric car is getting better and vehicle manufacturers are pouring cash into development of the fuel-free vehicle: but just like our cell phones and other electronic devices, the car will need to be regular charged when not in use – so installing a charging point in the home or within the premises is something all electric car owners must now think about, if the car-owner is to be able to conveniently use their car whenever they wish.

It is all too easy to fill up at a petrol station and within a few minutes we will have paid and returned on our journeys. But the installation of a car charging point within your home is likely to set you back at a cost of around £1000.

While this may not sound cheap, you need to think about how much it costs to fill up your car with petrol and then divide the sum by £1000 and then multiply the duration of one tank by that number.

The Cost Saving Is Unbelievable

It takes driver, Joe, a very light car user, about £70 to fill up his tank to the brim and a full tank lasts him about a month. So £1000 divided by £70 equates to just over 14. Therefore, Joe can get through around £1000 of petrol in 14 months. It can be much less than that if the cost of fuel rises at the pumps, about a year in Joe’s case.

An electric car will cost nothing in fuel as it uses the battery to power up the vehicle, so a one-off cost of £1000 for installation is the only “refuelling” fee an electric car might have to pay. And with a life-span of around seven to 10 years for our environmentally-friendly vehicle, you can see how this will save after the first year has passed.

The UK has about 10 main contractors who will gladly install an electric charging point in your home or on your drive. Allow them to survey your premises and let them quote you the best price they’ll offer.