Installing a Heating System

Installing a Heating SystemHeating systems are becoming more and more popular, especially in places with cold climates. Modern electric systems can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings and are much more clean, safe, and economical than the heating systems of the past which relied on air movement and oversized ducts.

Contemporary Heating Systems

Advantages over Conventional Heating Systems Hot water or forced air was most commonly used by conventional heating systems. With forced air systems the hot air would rise to the ceiling, leaving the lower half of the room cold. No matter how high the thermostat is turned up you can not prevent hot air from rising. The floor is heated in many contemporary systems, causing the floor to act as a giant radiator. This allows your feet to stay warm as the heat distributes evenly throughout the room. Even though these systems are new, the concept was actually used as early as 40AD by the ancient Romans.

Wooden Floors and Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems install the heat source just beneath the floor. You need to use the proper kind of wood in order to have wood floors with a radiant heating system. It is especially important that you use a dry slab and dry sub floor with your hardwood floor installation. You can ensure that the sub floor and slab are completely dry by running your radiant heating system prior to installing your finished wood floor. The reason you want to remove any moisture prior to installing your wood floor is that it could cause expansion and contraction of the wood floor, leading to damage to the floor.

There are some species of wood that do not work well with a radiant heat system so be sure to consult a professional. It is best to use a system with three thermostats when installing radiant heating with a wood floor. The three thermostats control the water supply temperatures, the room temperature, and measure the temperature outside the home. The addition of the outside thermostat ensures that the system will be prepared for colder temperatures. Electric radiant floor heating is durable, safe, and energy efficient.

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