Insulating Your Basement

Insulating Your BasementThe most difficult place in your home to clean after a flood, and the most vulnerable to flooding, is the basement. You need a basement insulation system that allows you to keep your basement at a comfortable temperature for your family as well as easily dry out after a flood. The ability of your insulation material to retain moisture is one of its most important qualities.

Different Methods of Insulating Your Basement Fiberglass insulation which is placed in the walls is the most common type of basement insulation. You can significantly reduce moisture condensation by adding a polyethylene installation to the fiberglass insulation to create a moisture barrier. Another type of insulation commonly used in basements is rigid insulation. This type of insulation helps to maintain your basement at an even temperature and to keep out moisture as well as wind.

Basement Insulation Problems Many people dont realize the importance of their basements. This often results in inadequate basement insulation. The truth is that basement insulation is vital to protecting your home since it is the first area of your home to feel the impact of flooding or high winds. Paying close attention to your basement insulation can prevent moisture problems throughout your home. It is best to hire a professional basement insulation contractor to add insulation to your home, as they have experience dealing with all the pipes, vents, and ducts that run through your basement. You want an experienced professional to ensure that you have safe access to things like switches, fuse boxes, and other essential components after the insulation is installed.

Benefits of Basement Insulation Keeping your basement moisture free is the most important benefit of insulating your basement. Once your basement is insulated you will no longer need to worry about odors, leaks, mold, and mildew. Insulating a finished basement can also greatly reduce your utility costs.

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