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Interior decorating myths dispelled

Interior DecoratingFor your interior decorating to work and for you to achieve the outcome you desire, there are a few basic rules. Although these rules still give you enough freedom for you to express your personal taste. I will prove the following interior decorating myths wrong, so you do not find out the truth the hard way and give you a few good interior design tips.

Interior decorating myths

Myth 1) Interior decorating plans should be based on the latest trends

You should not base your interior decorating ideas solely on the latest trends and fashions. What you should be basing your interior decorating ideas on is your personal taste and preference. By all means look at magazines like Elle Decor and use online resources look at interior design photos, interior design book but ultimately it should be the style you prefer.

For interior decorating glory, start with just one room. Do not take on a task that is too big while you are learning the basics of home decor. The reason for this it that is can spiral out of control very quickly. The first thing you should do is create a basic floor, this includes room dimension and any unique features such as:

  • Alcoves
  • Window and their sizes
  • door placement
  • Closets
  • And any other features that cannot be removed.

The next item on your to do list for interior decorating success is to make the distinction between necessity and desire. For instance in bathroom you may not need a shower cubical and bath, when for the size of the room a combined shower and bath would be better.

Then the next stage for your interior decorating  project is to pick a theme.

Myth 2) Your wall color should your soft furnishings

You should not rush out and start choosing your furnishing based upon the wall. It is only a starting point for you to develop your own interior decorating style. By using the wall color as a base to co-ordinate your choice of furniture, rugs etc it will allow you to create a unique feel to the room, that will express your own personality. Rather than it just being a blue room or a yellow room, it will be your room.

Myth 3) You can develop your interior decorating plan “as you go”

Even if you have a rather ecliptic taste, do not just start collecting furniture and other items randomly for your room that you just like. The major flaw with this is that not all of it will come together as a cohesive motif, it will just look cluttered and messy.

You need to define the theme for each room and build your interior decorating ideas around the theme.

Myth 4) Any good interior decorating project should be finished quickly

Try not to cling to the idea that you need finish all of your interior decorating project in one go. Once you have picked your room, start by putting the basic features in the room and then add in the smaller furnishing as you go along. There is no need to rush the project, take your time and do it right first time round.

Myth 5) Buy cheaper materials so you can decorate more

Although this is logical, it does not make sense if you are wanting your interior decorating project to be the best you can do. Do not be a cheap scape, spend the money required to do the job properly, think of the long term and see it more of an investment. If you budget well you will not need to skimp on the quality of your materials and if you need a little extra help our home addition loan article.

Myth 6) The ceiling is not really that important

Most ceilings are plain white and these are about as interesting as printer paper, but what can you do with the ceiling?

Well there are many options available to you, you could put in faux wooden beams or test out various dry wall texturing techniques or even wall papering it. By adding a variety of textures it adds interest to your room and defines the edges where the wall finishes and the ceiling starts. It can really make a room.

Like with most things your discover on the internet you should not take it all as law, there are a lot of articles that will contradict this one. There are even more that will contradict that one, so at the end of the day it is up to you who trust. I only offer my advice and opinion but it is your interior decorating project so it is your choice on how you go about getting it start and how long it takes you to finish. All I can do is offer advice based upon my experience it is completely up to you whether you act on it or not.

I have read many ill informed  articles that set unrealistic goals, making the whole task of interior decorating even harder than it needs to be. Interior decorating should be an enjoyed experience and should not be perceived as difficult task. It is a home improvement your aim is should be to make the place you live more pleasant, not to keep up with Jone’s. Interior decorating is about you and your personal taste not what Elle decor says you should have.

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