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Equipment you need when refinishing cabinets

Interior RemodelingTo begin redoing your cabinet doors, place newspapers, paper towels or plastic sheets to protect the floor area prior to refinishing the cabinets. You may also need a can of bonding primer, paint brushes, and painting tape to keep the paint lines straight. It is also a good idea to have sandpaper nearby to even out a few blemishes on the cabinet before repainting.

The beginnings of cork flooring

Cork flooring is not a new decorative idea; in fact, the First Congregational Church in Chicago, Illinois had cork flooring installed in 1890. Like fashion styles, what was popular once will be popular again, if you wait long enough. Cork flooring is making a dramatic comeback because both architects and designers are realizing that cork is a unique material. It combines more benefits than any other floor covering; including its distinctive look and is environmentally friendly. Cork is the perfect flooring solution since it is warm to the touch, cushions your feet, provides great acoustical insulation, and can be used anywhere in the home.

Bathroom Vanity Storage

A bathroom vanity not only looks beautiful when installed in your bathroom, it also will give you a lot more storage space than what you may have had before. Bathroom vanities can be purchased with multiple drawers for storing everything from toilet paper to makeup and hair products. These items would normally be left laying on the counter or placed in a hallway linen closet, making it inconvenient to get them.

Shopping Online for Fireplace Screens?

If you are hunting for new fireplace screens for your fireplace you can spend hours on your already busy weekend searching frantically at your local hardware stores, fireplace shops and large outlet centers, but you may not find exactly what you are looking for. However, if your time is valuable to you and you don’t want the headache of running around, you can go online and search the many online retailers of fireplace screens and fireplace accessories.

Children and towel warmers

If you have small children in your home than you must seriously consider your options when thinking about buying towel warmers. Since towel warmers are in essence a heating device you should always keep them out of range of small children. Most companies that manufacture towel warmers do create them with safety standards allowing them to be set at lower temperatures, but in truth an effective towel warmer can be dangerous to kids if they do not understand the risks associated with them.

When designing or renovating your bathroom or shower

If you are redesigning you bathroom consider that bathrooms must accommodate the use of both hot and cold water in large quantities in the shower and in a smaller quantity in the sink. Plan your materials accordingly, as water tends to be splashed onto the walls and flooring. Also, bathrooms steam up quickly when the shower is running. Be sure that the materials you use in renovating your bathroom can withstand high humidity. You don’t want warped blinds or cabinets or loose tiles due to poor adhesive properties. For a relaxing shower try installing high pressure shower heads.

Heavy-duty cabinet hinges and cabinet pulls

Heavy kitchen cabinets require heavy-duty hinges. For ornamental hinges, separate hinge straps can be used with almost any hinge style that has a visible interlocking mechanism. Hinge straps can be thin and plain for a simple look or thick and dark for a rustic look. To dress up your cabinets try adding new cabinet pulls to the doors. If you decide to use a combination of pulls and knobs when designing your kitchen or bathroom you should be careful to match the style and materials being used already in those areas. By keeping everything close in style you will be more pleased with the final outcome.

French mantles have high craftsmanship

French mantles reveal a high level of professional craftsmanship with their beautiful carvings and designs etched into the wood. These designs create a mixture of both surreal and realistic effects that are reminiscent of traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. They add elements of adventure and richness to any room.

Redecorating a mantel is an easy and fast way to give a room a whole new look

Like a blank canvas begging for paint, you can select the accessories you want to create a striking arrangement that won’t go unnoticed. As you choose items, think big and bold! Small, modest items get lost on a mantel. Large pictures, giant flowers, bouquets, large statuettes, big candles, and long, delicate sticks work well. If you don’t have a fireplace mantel, you can still create a place for a centerpiece. Hang a shelf on the wall and put a fireplace screen below it and pretend!

Accent your kitchens with cabinet hardware

Every day more people discover decorative cabinet hardware as a way to accent their kitchens and bathrooms and make a unique design statement. Homeowners want hardware that not only allows them full access to every drawer and cabinet in the bathroom and kitchen, but that also expresses their personality. When it comes to adorning their super-organized cabinetry, they want hardware that offers a decorative look that mirrors their personalities and makes an aesthetic statement while enhancing the overall style of the room.

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