Kitchen Remodelling: Tweaks That Are Truly Worth It

A lot of people say that if there’s one area in the home that deserves the top spot for your renovating list, it would be the kitchen. True, it is the heart of the home and the area where you share beautiful moments with family and friends; however, kitchen remodels can be notoriously heavy on the purse, especially when you have the words “granite”, “custom” and “stainless steel” in mind. Still, out of the many home improvement projects to consider, kitchen revamps give you the biggest return on investment, both in terms of aesthetics and market value.

Kitchen Remodelling

In, my recent post, I have compiled the latest kitchen design ideas that will make your cooking area look more welcoming and fashionable for years to come. This time, let me introduce you to the best investments you can ever make in your kitchen. The thing is that if you know which tweaks to put your money into, you can actually get the most for your buck. So, which renovations are worth splurging on?

Energy-efficient appliances

Although it is the biggest pocket-drainer in the list, switching to high-end kitchen appliances is a smart move to make. For one, modern appliances come in sleek forms that will look good in any room. More importantly, most of them are specifically designed to be environmentally friendly, which means greater efficiency at lower costs. Not to mention, increasing the energy efficiency of your home increases its resale value.

Now, before you shop for induction cookers and ovens, consider first you’re cooking skill and frequency. As far as cost-efficiency goes, you don’t need professional gas ranges for making quick, casual meals. But, if you’re quite the home cook, you might want to invest in pro-style appliances. The great thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality, since there are many equipment that offer both, such as the Siemens appliances range. If your kitchen is short on square footage, focus more on functional yet space-saving appliances, such as built-in refrigerators, compact dishwashers, under-mount vents, microwave drawers and cooktops.


Storage is what spells out the difference between an organised kitchen and a crammed room. Even the biggest kitchen can look messy when there’s not enough shelves and cabinets for storing items. When designing your kitchen, think of the things that need to be tucked away when not in use, like your special occasion china and cooking pans. List down these items, and decide on how you wish to store it. For practicality’s sake, dedicate storage space according to the use of its contents. For instance, place your baking tools near the oven or your glassware near the bar. Control clutter in your kitchen and save some cash with these clever storage solutions.

Go beyond simple storage by adding extra details like chic kitchen cabinet handles and knobs, or by painting it in quirky colours. Take inspiration from these painted kitchen cabinet ideas that will look good with both traditional and contemporary designs.

An island

No matter the space, a kitchen is as good as how you organise it. So, even if you only have a 12-foot-wide kitchen, you can most definitely fit an incredibly efficient island in it. Why bother with an island? Well, whether or not you spend most of your time in the kitchen, you can maximise your storage and cooking prep area by adding an island that’s scaled and styled to fit the space. Learn from these small kitchen island suggestionsto see what will work for your home.

Revamping your kitchen isn’t as easy as buying new appliances or painting your cabinetry in stylish hues. It is a major undertaking that requires careful thought and smart planning before you even shell out cash at the home improvement store. If you’re going to splurge, do so on the right upgrades.

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