Living Room Decorating

A guide to Living Room Decorating

Living Room DecoratingWe all strive for the perfect living room, beautiful decor just the perfect place to live. Living Room Decorating does not need to be a arduous task, it can be quite simple and easy. It also does not have to cost an enormous amount of money. You do your Living Room Decorating is a style that you and your family will both admire and enjoy. So to have wonderful Living Room Decorating just follow these few simple guidelines.

Living Room Decorating guidelines

  • Research and collect; Start looking for images of rooms you like from magazines, the internet anywhere you can. At this point do not worry about the cost of your Living Room Decorating. Collect colors, furniture anything you might want in your living room, just keep all these images in a file so you can get them for reference later on.
  • Center of attention; You need to pick a nice layout of the living room and pick where the focal point of the room is going to be. In Living Room Decorating the focal point can be the TV, an architectural feature pretty much anything you want it to be.
  • Clear the floor; What I mean by this is that you should de-clutter. Go through the whole room and decide what you want to keep and what should go. This is an important part of Living Room Decorating, it allows you to create space and see the elegance of a room.
  • I would walk five hundred mile; although that is a good song, your guest should not be sat so far away from each the feel like they need to walk that distance to talk to you. One of the most common mistakes people make when doing their Living Room Decorating is to line up all the furniture against the wall, even though it can make the room look tidier. It creates a new problem, you are too far away to talk to one another.
  • A seat madam?; In a living room you should try have enough seating for up to six people even in quite a small living room. If you have a large room, divide up the space so different groups can sit together.

  • Put up a fence; do not take this literally, what I mean by this that you should define different areas within your living room. Use rugs to help make it a little clearer, by doing this your Living Room Decorating will become easier and you will have a clearer idea of what you need to achieve.

  • It’s in the details, my dear Watson; just like detective work, good Living Room Decorating is all about the fine details whether it is highlighting architectural details or the fine furnishings you have chosen to place in the room.
  • Beneath your feet; commonly, the floor is darker than the ceiling and the walls. Having this balance helps create a pleasing atmosphere in the room.
  • Do not be a square; remember you do not have to put all your furniture perpendicular to each other, your living room is not a bar graph it is a living space. By putting furniture at unusual angles can create interesting effects.
  • Vanity is a sin; try not to place mirrors, when Living Room Decorating directly in front of where your guest may sit. The reason for this is that it can make you quite uncomfortable if you can constantly see your self.
  • Secret seats; you can have extra seats hidden under tables, desk etc and just bring it out when you need it. By doing this you have extra seats but do not loose any of the floor space to them.
  • See the light; try not to when your Living Room Decorating have only one type of lighting in the room. Have different lighting for different functions, have reading light, TV viewing light etc. Do not just have a fixed over head light, one size does not fit all in this case.
  • The breath of life; bring life in to the room by having plants, they do not have to be real. There are some very convincing silk plants available and not at a great cost.
  • Rat maze; try not to create a maze in your living room, leave enough open space for people to walk freely. Do not create walk way, people do not like being forced in to walk a certain way.

There is quite a lot to be going on with but if you are still a little confused I have written a more detailed step by step guide, Kitchen designs. Living Room Decorating can be a lot of fun if you are organized. It can take you a long time to pick your Home Furnishings, but when it is all done and you are sat on the sofa admiring your Living Room Decorating Ideas it will be worth it.

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