A Further Look at Basement Walls

A Further Look at Basement WallsPrior to remodeling a basement interior the foundation walls should be checked for water leakage and sealed. When remodeling a conditional basement you will also need to insulate the walls.

Aluminum Poured Wall System This system allows you to determine the corners and angles accurately. You can pour from one designated spot to another thanks to special pouring machines. You do not need rods to hold the walls together when using this system.

Wood Form Wall System This system will not cost as much as an aluminum wall system. You will need to use rods to hold the walls together in this system. The rods are later removed leaving holes that need to be repaired using liquid cement. It is easier to manage brick walls with a wood form wall system. You can find forms for wood form wall systems in both 710 and 810.

Styrofoam Wall System This type of wall system will cost more than either aluminum or wood systems. The best part of these systems is that they will help to keep your basement dry as they resist moisture. They feature slotted edges along the sides to make attaching boards to the wall easier. They also give you a nail base for attaching drywall, eliminating the need for expensive framing.

Designing Basement Walls The type of basement walls you have will depend on the individual requirements posed by your building site and your budget. The most common types of designed basement walls include concrete reinforced walls, masonry reinforced walls, insulated concrete form walls, and plain concrete. All of these types of walls are strong and durable.

Adding Insulation to Your Basement Walls It is possible to insulate your basement walls. You will need to thoroughly seal any leaks and band joints prior to installing your basement insulation. The three main options you have when it comes to basement insulation include: Building stud frames and then filling them with fiberglass insulation. Using a basement blanket. This adds insulation without taking up the valuable space that framing requires. Using a wall finishing system that does not require paneling.

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