Moving into Your Own Place

Moving out of your parent’s place and into a place of your own is a big step in anyone’s life and it’s certainly an experience most people never forget. Your first pad is special in so many ways, sure it might not look like much at first but once you’ve decked it out with your own furniture it begins to resemble a home in many regards and your own home too – let’s not forget that.

Moving into Your Own Place

Sharing – Interested or not?

Many young people move out of home to attend university whilst others move out to work, though whatever your reasons for moving from the comfort and security of your parent’s home you’ll have to think about a few things prior to decor and style, like how are you going to pay the rent?

It’s for this very reason that so many young people share with others, and whilst some share because they genuinely want to live with other people, most people share because they don’t have a choice – they need to share the costs with a roommate or two.

If you can afford to reside by yourself and you feel comfortable doing so go for it, everyone needs to experience life on their own at some point in time, plus you can do up your new pad exactly as you want, or near enough.

Sourcing a pad for one

Depending on where you’re moving to and the real estate climate there, you’ll generally find you’ve a number of options regarding single accommodation. Studio apartments are great first solo homes because they’re comfortable for a single person, they’re relatively simple to keep clean and most importantly – they’re affordable!

However, some people desire something a little bigger and look at single bedroom apartments, converted attics and basements and some even rent entire houses to live in by themselves. Whatever you have your heart set on don’t overlook the benefits of looking around because it always pays to explore the accommodation options available to you.

Decking out a pad for one

Even though you’re living by yourself don’t overlook the importance of making your new pad comfortable enough to entertain friends, and also take into account that you’ll most likely want to take everything you buy for your digs with you when it’s time to move.

This means that you need to make your new place comfortable but don’t deck it out to the point where there’s so much stuff that moving in the future poses serious problems, plus as space is probably fairly limited you’ll need to avoid packing it out to the point where moving about and cleaning under and behind furniture becomes impossible.

Selecting furniture

It might be easy, not to mention very cheap, to limit your furniture to thrift shop purchases or items you’ve found by the side of the road, but bear in mind that comfort is important and that you’ll want to prove to your parents that you’re capable of looking after yourself. Moreover there’s also the matter of health and hygiene to take into account and old furniture does pose a potential health and hygiene hazard, often a serious one.

New furniture doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact there’s some excellent furniture available at affordable prices, plus by opting for new furniture you’re not going to have to replace it any time soon. If your parents have allowed you to take your bed and a few bits and pieces then great, this will save you money and make buying new furniture even more feasible, so spend a little – you won’t regret it once you’re kicking back in your very own pad.

If space is an issue, which it very well might be, focus on furniture that’s comfortable but doesn’t take up a great deal of space, like a comfy corner sofa that fits snugly in the corner without protruding and taking up all your valuable floor space. Sofa beds are also popular choices, especially if you have friends stay with you or if your new pad is small to the point where you have to choose between a bed and a sofa.
Take these handy tips into account and enjoy single living … while it lasts!

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