Proper Repair and Maintenance of Heating Equipment

Heating EquipmentAlmost every home has some sort of central heating system, including furnaces, air conditioners, ducts, and other components. These types of systems are commonly referred to as comfort systems. They are designed to make our homes and offices comfortable no matter what the outdoor temperature may be. Of course we lose that comfort if these systems are not operating correctly. Systems that are well maintained will usually operate reliably for a long period of time. There are some general repair and maintenance tasks that a homeowner can probably safely handle on their own, although in general it is best to leave work on your comfort systems to the professionals.

Maintaining Your Furnace

Furnaces will see regular use during the cold winter months. To avoid breaking down when the temperatures outdoors are low, it is best to give your furnace regular maintenance. You should regularly clean or replace furnace filters, as required by their manufacturers. The blower blades should be cleaned and any air leaks sealed prior to the start of winter. It is also wise to check your owners manual to determine how often you will need to oil the bearing and the fan motors.

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

You can prevent many of the most common problems with these systems by keeping them free of dust. Before calling a service technician when your system is not operating properly there are a couple of common things that can be checked. You can reduce noise in your air conditioner by cleaning the blower fan blades. Read the instructions provided by your manufacturer to determine the best time to tighten the mounting bolts and lubricate the oil cups. The air conditioner should be switched off if frost is found on the evaporator coil. This indicates that the atmospheric temperature is below 60.

Boilers and furnaces are heating appliances that often make up a central heating system. These appliances heat the home by sending either hot air through the ducts or warm water through pipes to radiators or convectors. Common tools needed to conduct maintenance and repair of your heating and cooling equipment include pliers, wretches, hammer, and screwdrivers.

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