Radiant Heating System Cables

Radiant Heating System CablesThese durable and maintenance free heating cables are used for radiant heating. When compared to traditional heating systems you will find that heating cables are safe, reliable, and more cost effective.

Self-Regulating Heating Cables

 These cables are used to protect fluids in pipelines from freezing. They are in fact parallel circuit electric heater strips. You can find a wide selection of cables available, indulging those that are safe in wet, dirty, or hazardous applications. The conductive core material of the heater cable is what makes it self regulating. There is a reduction in the number of conductive path in the core material whenever an increase in temperature is detected. The temperature will then decrease, which in turn will lead to an increase in the number of conductive path.

Floor Warming Cables

 Older heating systems are less efficient that radiant heat systems. The heat from radiant heating starts at the floor and slowly rises throughout all the rooms in the home. When compared to a forced air system it is much cleaner. Radiant heating cables are installed in only the rooms that will need heat. The cables consist of a durable PVC coating which covers a long lasting conductor wire. You can purchase radiant heating sets in a variety of watts, so it is possible to find the right system to warm a room of any size. It is also possible to order custom sizes and wattages of cable. You can use radiant heating systems no mater what type of flooring system you have. These easy to install cables are energy efficient and very durable.

Silicon Jacket Floor Warming Cables

 These flexible cables are great for both existing and new construction. They are capable of covering an entire floor area. Silicon Jacket (SJ) floor cables offer constant watt along the entire length of the cable and come in ready to install packs. You can cover 280 square feet for floor warming or 180 square feet for primary heating with a single cable on one circuit.

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