Roof Replacement – What You Need to Know

Roof ReplacementIt is the dream of any homeowner to have a home that they can be proud of. But when problems arise like the need for re-roofing or a roof replacement, many homeowners don’t know where to turn. Thankfully, our roofing experts at Landmark Homes Roofing can make your ideal roof for your home a reality!

As you know, your roof plays an important role in protecting your property and it largely contributes to the beauty of your home. Your roof not only protects you and your property from the extreme weather elements such as heat, wind, snow and rain; but it also determines the general look of your home.

Many homeowners are usually not sure whether re-roofing or replacing their roof is necessary. If you find yourself questioning whether or not you need to re-roof or replace your homes roof, there are a couple of questions you need to answer in order to help you make that important decision.

These questions include:

  • Does your roof show signs of aging?
  • Are the roof shingles already damaged or deteriorating?
  • Are there water stain marks on your ceilings and walls?
  • Is your roof over 15 years old?
  • Are there signs of water leaks in your home?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, it’s most likely that you are in need of a roof replacement. Remember, re-roofing is quite a complicated process and requires professionals to do the job right! So, don’t hire just anybody.

Hiring Rules:

When out to hire the right contractor for your next re-roofing or roof replacement job, you need to remember that it’s not just about finding the cheapest quote; quality also matters.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before hiring a contractor. Firstly, you should consider whether the contractor is licensed or not. By hiring licensed contractors, you will be protecting yourself from liability. You should also consider the experiences and qualifications of the roofing contractor before deciding to hire their services. It is after these considerations have been made that you should consider your budget and choose the quote that best fits it.

By re-roofing or replacing your homes roof, you will be protecting one of your greatest assets, while also avoiding any potential losses in the future that may arise as a result of a damaged roof.

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