Savvy Interior Design Tips for an Efficient Home Office

Working from home can enable a home based professional to get more out of his or her working day or it could prove just the opposite – they find that they get less work done working from home than they would working from the office. It’s for this reason, not to mention many others, that there’s plenty to take into consideration when designing a home office so emphasis must be placed squarely on rendering the space designated as office space an efficient space to work in as well as distraction free.Savvy Interior Design

Do you meet with your clients at home?

There are a number of considerations to take into account when setting up a home office, one of the most important of which is whether or not you will meet with your clients at home. Many home based professionals travel to a business centre where they can hire meeting space though this isn’t a necessity and it could just prove to be another unnecessary expense that you needn’t concern yourself with.

However, if you’re planning to regularly meet with your clients at home you’ll need to place further emphasis on rendering your home office a professional workspace because you need to convey to them an impression of a home based professional, one who is able to avoid distractions and get the job done.

Setting up a seating area to meet with clients

If you have the space to spare you might like to look at setting up a small seating area to meet with clients and discuss business matters – boardroom tables, although an excellent choice for conference and meeting spaces, aren’t a necessity here. This is generally a better option than placing a chair or two in front of your desk because it makes your office space less formal, though not too informal, and if you’re meeting with clients at home chances are they’re not expecting to set foot in a traditional office anyhow.

Therefore you’ll need to invest in some comfortable furniture and one of the best options available to you in this regard is office reception style furniture like armchairs and sofas with a coffee table placed in the middle. Whilst you could procure living room furniture, it’s important to differentiate between a living room area designed for comfort and relaxation and a work environment that although comfortable, is still conducive to good business practices.

This is an important consideration when designing a home office to work from and meet with clients. It’s all too easy to get carried away and turn the space you’d designated as an office space into a den or retreat, or as they’re often referred to these days, ‘man caves’, and yes, there’s no doubt a female equivalent of the ‘man cave’ for home based female professionals too. Furthermore, keep pictures of your hobbies to a minimum and decorate your office in a manner befitting a professional – you can make an excellent impression upon your clients through your workspace.

Your workstation

Although you’ll most likely be working on your own and won’t have to jostle with others for space, it’s still important to maximise space around your workstation by making good use of the corners, procuring storage solutions like shelving that reaches from your desk to the ceiling – pushing upwards not outwards can help you to create a wealth of space – and you’ll also need to invest in a comfortable, preferably ergonomic, chair for yourself.

Ergonomic chairs are an increasingly common sight in workplaces these days, due much in part to the wealth of information on the subject of posture related problems and spending long hours sitting at a desk. Savvy business managers have been quick to provide their employees with ergonomic chairs because they help to reduce posture related problems which has a direct effect on absenteeism and productivity, and although you’re unlikely not to show up at your home office because you’ve got a stiff neck, you will, however, find that a good office chair aids comfort and enables you to get more out of your working day.

Take these tips into account when designing and outfitting your home office with comfortable office furniture and get more from your time working at home.

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