Sources of Water in Your Basement

Sources of Water in Your BasementWhen trying to determine the source of water in your wet basement it really boils down to if the water is coming from the surface or beneath the ground. It’s where the water is coming from and how it’s getting in to your basement or crawlspace that will help you determine the steps that you need to take to remedy the problem and waterproof your basement.

The following are the primary means by which you can get water in your basement

Surface Water

Surface water comes from rain, melting snow or any other water running off your roof or paved area. The average roof can see over 150+ gallons running off every hour during a heavy rainfall. This is why having a functioning, proper gutter in place is crucial for directing all of this water to the proper place. Driveways, sidewalks, walkways and concrete patios are another source of water runoff. How these areas are constructed and maintained can determine the direction of waterflow around your home. If not designed or maintained correctly and these areas can direct water towards your basement or crawlspace.

Ground Water

Water seepage from ground water is commonly due to living in an area with a high water table. Sometimes an underground water spring can be the cause of ground water seepage but usually the cause is a high water table. If you have a high water table and no sump pump then you can have constant water problems in your basement.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is something that just refers to water which is trapped beneath the basement floor or walls and the earth beneath it and enough pressure is created to force this water through the floor or walls.

Understanding why you have a wet basement is key to determining what the proper solution is going to be. Typically surface water issues are going to be easier to fix than water issues due to ground water seeping in. Without knowing which type of water problem you have leaves you without the ability to truly understand how to fix your problem or who the right basement waterproofing company is for you.

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