Sump Pump Battery Backup

Sump Pump Battery BackupOnce you have your sump pump system in place you should think about what you will do in the event that your sump pump fails or if the power should happen to go out. It takes just one time flooding in your basement to destroy your possessions and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Having a sump pump should give you the protection you need, but if the power goes out it could render your sump pump inoperable. Not coincidentally the power most often goes out during heavy storms that bring a lot of rain.

Sump pumps can also become inoperable from simply being unplugged accidentally or the circuit break tripping. This is why it is important to have some sort of sump pump battery back in place. This will help give you the extra protection and assurance that your sump pump will be fully functioning during the times you need it the most.

It is recommended to plug the battery charger into a GFCI outlet on an electrical circuit other than the one serving your primary sump pump. That way, if the primary pump circuit breaker is tripped the sump pump battery backup will continue to receive power and operate normally.

Reasons to Have a Sump Pump Battery Backup

  • Lose of electrical power and main pump is rendered inoperable
  • Main sump pump can not keep up with waterflow
  • Main pump becomes clogged or jammed

Type of Battery Backup

  • Standard Output – A standard sump pump battery backup is best used when your main pump is less than 1/2 hp OR is equal to 1/2 hp but runs infrequently when it is raining.
  • High Output – A high output sump pump battery backup is best used when your main pump is equal to 3/4 hp OR is a 1/2 hp unit but runs constantly when it is raining.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Cost

The cost of a quality sump pump battery backup can range anywhere from $150 to over $1000 depending on the size and quality of the unit. The high output units typically will cost more and can easily get over the $1000 mark for the better units.

There are also combination units that combine the main sump pump with a battery backup sump pump all in one unit.

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