The Ceiling of Your Basement

The Ceiling of Your BasementAny floor which is below ground level of a building is a basement. Not every building will have a basement. In homes with basements they are the ideal location for the water heater, furnace, and air conditioning system. Both land use and energy consumption are improved by basements. Basement can also provide for extra usable space in a building. There are certain specifications that must be met for basement ceilings.

Basement Ceiling Construction The framing of a basement ceiling will almost always have extra room to accommodate water pipes, electrical wires, and ducting. The two most types of basement ceiling are drywall or suspended. Drywall often gives you a better look for a lower cost than suspended ceilings. Drywall also allows for the installation of a wooden frame. You will need good furring and framed boxes to properly install a basement ceiling. Acoustic ceiling tiles are another easy to install option for basement ceilings. These tiles can be simply stapled to the furring strips. Both drywall and suspended ceilings can be installed without the assistance of a professional.

Basement Ceiling Options You can improve the aesthetic sense of a basement by how you choose to decorate the basement ceiling. You can highlight a tropical motif by hanging bamboo from the beams. You can also achieve a shirred look by covering the basement ceiling with fabric. You can expand the look of a long and thin basement by gathering the fabric along the width of the basement. You can paint the ducts and water pipes to give your basement a modern look. Dont be afraid to experiment with various colors and textures until you get the look you want. It is easy to find helpful do it yourself guides if you would like some inspiration.

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