The Value of Gutters

The Value of GuttersGutters are installed on a house to manage the water that lands on the roof from rain or snow. This water is directed off the roof through downspouts, and if installed properly, directed away from the foundation of the house. Gutters are designed to keep water away from the foundation as well as away from the siding of the house. Keeping water from running down the siding prevents water seepage through window frames and doors. The condition and efficiency of your gutters is one of the first things you can check when you want to begin basement waterproofing.

Types of Gutters

There are a variety of gutter styles but the majority of new homes today are built with a 5″ K-style gutter. This style of gutter uses a crown molding type appearance in the front to not detract from the aesthetics of the house, while the 5″ width from front to back replaces the old standard of 4″ gutters.

Other types of gutters include:

  • Half Round – A gutter shaped like a half circle and common in older homes. While this type of gutter drains better, they have less capacity than a K-style gutter.
  • Built In – Built in gutters are found on older and higher end homes. While this type of gutter may fit nicer in with the appearance of the house the drawback is the potential damage when failure happens. If defect is not detected early, there can be extensive damage to the roof, soffits, siding, trim and even the interior of the home
  • Plastic – Plastic gutters can offer a cheaper alternative but are generally much flimsier and have a decreased volume compared to the preferred K-style gutters. That fact alone makes them inferior to other gutter types.

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