Things to consider when choosing a hardwood floor vacuum

hardwood-floor-vacuum1If you think a vacuum cleaner is just for cleaning the carpets, curtains or the upholstered furniture then you need to check the facts again. Cleaning your astounding wooden floors with a vacuum cleaner is easier and better. There is nothing like finding the best hard wood floor vacuum for keeping your wooden floor spectacular. The best quality vacuum for your hard wood floor will be efficient and powerful because it can easily reach the dirt or debris which gets stuck in the cracks and crevices where a mop cannot reach. Before we find out more details on choosing the best hard wood floor vacuum it’s important to understand why vacuuming is the perfect way to clean a hardwood floor. 

Why use a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood flooring?

Most of the hardwood floors are polyurethane-finished, and vacuuming is a convenient as well as a quick alternative to brooms. It sucks all the dirt from the nooks and corners of hardwood floors, but there are certain precautions which one must take to avoid damage. At the same time, it is also important to choose a high-quality vacuum for hardwood flooring with special features.


Features of an ideal vacuum for a hardwood floor:

When it comes to choosing the best hardwood floor vacuum, you need to pay attention to certain features. A good hardwood floor vacuum has special adjustable features which makes it easy for the user to perform the vacuuming operation flawlessly. Most importantly, it should not damage the floor and a special hardwood floor vacuum is designed to do so.

They come equipped with suction control settings to adjust to the surface type and perform cleaning in the desired way. To use the vacuum cleaner in an ideal way for hardwood flooring it is important to adjust the height properly which can be done manually or automatically. Now, the vacuum can be used effectively for the hardwood surface that has to be cleaned.

A brush roller feature is another thing which is not required for cleaning the hardwood floor. If there is a roller of such type then there should be an option to turn it off. You need a soft brush feature for cleaning, but mostly these vacuum features brushes with hard bristles and it can spoil the hardwood flooring.

The other feature which you need to consider is that a hardwood vacuum should not have wheels as it can damage the floor. Instead, look for a rubber padding on wheels because plastic or metal may turn out to be bad for the floor.


Which vacuum to purchase?

When working on a wooden floor, you must think of purchasing a canister vacuum because it features long and oval brush which can reach the cracks and grooves easily to remove the dirt. An upright model can spoil or scratch the floor, but if you thinking investing in that then make sure the brush is off while cleaning.


Choosing the best hardwood floor vacuum depends on your needs precisely. The fact is, there are other things to clean in the house as well. If you have carpets, curtains, window sills, etc. to clean in the house and depending on how big or small is, you would need to make an appropriate choice of a vacuum. If you have staircase in the house then you would need something that is lightweight and compact. You would need to focus on the power as well. Usually, a low power vacuum is better for the hardwood floors, but if there are grooves or cracks from where the dust has to be removed or if you have pets then removing pet hairs and dirt from grooves or cracks will require a powerful suction.

Conclusion: You will need a vacuum which can assist you in all the cleaning tasks without causing any damage to the property. Secondly, it should be cost-effective and perform the job of cleaning the hardwood flooring adequately. So, analyze your needs and select the best hardwood floor vacuum which can work like a cleaning companion for you in the long run.