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Keeping your home basement dry

Keeping the basement waterproof – not only does this help to keep the air in the home safe and clean, it protects the foundation from damage that could impact the home’s overall stability. Mold and mildew growth in your basement can result in serious health problems for your family. Waterproofing your basement will be easier if you use the following tips.

Heating the kitchen

You can either heat your kitchen with a central heating systems or an appliance that is located right in the room. It is usually much better to equip a kitchen with central heating, as there is often not adequate space to easily locate a localized heating appliance. You can use either ceiling vents or under floor pipes to bring heat to the kitchen space. For more heating tips visit Diy central heating.

Awnings for your patio deck

Retractable awnings are available with an automatic switch that allows the awning to be opened and closed with just the push of a button. A manual option is also available. Just turn the crank or handle to open and close the awning. This is a good choice if you do not wish to incur the additional expense of an automatic system. Awnings can be hung vertically from a door, allowing it to be rolled up or down. visit this site for more information about deck designs.

Saving money with metal roofs

With all the wonderful cost-saving benefits, a metal roof can actually save you even more money on your energy bills. This is because metal roofs are excellent insulators. Light-colored metal roofs reflect some of the sun’s UV radiation, thus lowering your cooling bills. In addition, new infrared-reflective pigments have resulted in dark colors also being highly reflective as well.

Misconceptions about bamboo flooring

The bamboo flooring industry only arrived in the United States around 1990 so it is a fairly new product for us. In the beginning, bamboo flooring was met with resistance because of the misconceptions about it. People thought of fishing poles when they would try to image what bamboo floors would be like. In reality, the bamboo that is used to make flooring is not like the bamboo plants native to the United States. The bamboo flooring that we purchase today is typically made from the Maso variety of bamboo grown throughout Asia. This type of bamboo is stronger and denser than native plants here in the U.S.

Keeping a safe chimney

Brick chimneys tend to crumble during an large earthquakes. When wood is burned as fuel, chimneys often have a deposit of creosote on their walls. These deposits may build up and block airflow; worse, they are highly inflammable and can ignite and cause a chimney fire. To prevent a chimney fire, you should clean your chimney once a year. Some countries mandate by law that this be done. Professional chimney sweeps can do this job for you and will also make sure your chimney cap is in good working order..

Protecting your garage floor

A concrete floor coating will protect your floor and make it attractive. You’ll enjoying using your garage and think of even more uses for it. If you think about all the times you’ve spent with the garage door wide open, you may realize that it’s the most-viewed part of your home. An open door is irresistible; it just invites passersby to peek inside. There is no other room so easy to see.

Getting your septic system inspected

A septic system should be inspected by a professional every three years and the tank pumped as recommended, typically every three to five years for average household water use. In general, if the bottom of the scum layer is within six inches of the bottom of the outlet tee, or if the top of the sludge layer is within twelve inches of the outlet tee, your tank needs to be pumped.
Concrete or cement is made largely of sand, gravel, water, and air. Water is a polar liquid, which means that it will hold to itself. Under little or no pressure, water will not press through a cement barrier, but water under pressure will begin to flow slowly through cement. The more water that penetrates the surface, the more that will follow. How much pressure is the earth putting on the walls of your basement? If a little water leaked between the soil and the walls, how long would take the water to press through the microscopic pores in the concrete? This is a good reason why everyone should have a basement water proof system in place.

Inspection of your foundation

Having an inspection of your foundation to obtain an estimate of any needed home foundation repairs can be expensive because of the time and expertise required. The contractor will first measure the outside and inside elevations and mark off exactly what needs to be repaired. He will put this information into a contract for you to examine and help you understand the terminology, problems, and costs, as well as provide you with an estimate. If you are a homeowner, you might even get a discount, as homeowners tend to be repeat business. An inspection is likely to cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Chemical staining and decorative concrete

Chemical staining is a common method of coloring a concrete surface. Limestone is a major ingredient in commercial decorative concrete, and during chemical staining, the chemicals react with the lime to create brilliant colors and patterns. A mottling effect often occurs that turns the colors into brilliant, eye-catching shades. The downside is that in older concrete, the results may vary depending on how much lime has leached away over the years and how uneven the surface is due to wear. Also, as this only colors the concrete, it won’t cover any imperfections or variations already in the concrete.

Graffiti and concrete

Graffiti is a major problem in most cities. If your business has a warehouse or storefront in the city, you should be wary, as most vandals get away without having to pay for the damage they inflict. If any damage is done to your home or business, you will generally have to pay for it. The problem of vandalism has even spread outside of the city to the suburbs, and the common businessman is usually left having to pay for it. Try using concrete sealers to help protect your walls.

Sealing the floors

A sealant is made for virtually every type of surface in your house to protect it from ordinary wear and tear. Whatever is in your house, odds are there’s a sealant formulated just for it! Sealants protect surfaces from things as simple as scratches and stains. Some types of sealants even harden the surface. A coat of epoxy, for example, makes a concrete floor practically invincible; a coat of polyurethane over the drywall in a closet will make it scratch resistant and give it some friction.

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