Types of Heating Equipment

Types of Heating EquipmentTo keep your family warm during the winter months you want an efficient heating system that will also keep your energy bills as low as possible. Often more than half of a familys utility bill is dedicated to heating the home. High energy efficiency equipment has only just recently been introduced on the market. Popular types of central heating in homes these days include forced air systems fueled by gas, electricity, or oil. Hot water heating and radiant electric are two other forms of heating.


 Efficiency is often determined by the size of the furnace. A furnace that is too small will leave your home chilly on cold winters nights and a furnace that is too larger will waste energy continuously cycling on and off to warm and cool the home. BTU is the term used to measure the size of a heating system. It can either refer to the BTU per hour input or output capacity of the unit depending on the equipment manufacturer.

Heat Pumps

 Heat pumps offer improved energy efficiency when in heating mode. The lower the outdoor temperatures, the less efficient a heat pump will be which can be an issue for air-source heat pumps in colder climates. There are a number of factors that go into determining whether a heat pump will actually save you money on your utility bills. These factors include insulation, climate, fuel, and any additional energy efficient features you have added to your home.

Radiant Floor Heating

 Radiant floor heating is an economical, quiet, and friendly way to heat your home. When choosing a radiant floor heating systems you will need to decide between electric and hydronic. Another important choice is whether to embed it inside the concrete slab, a wet installation, or within the sub floor, a dry installation. There are some important details that go into determining which type of installation is right for you such as whether this is new construction or an existing home, what type of flooring is or will be installed, your total budget for the project, and energy costs in your local area. You can not use a radiant floor heating system to cool your home.

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